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Introducing… WriteMovies’ Schedule of Online Sessions!

Introducing… WriteMovies’ Schedule of Online Sessions!

No screenwriter is ever done learning. If you want to become the best writer you can possibly be, you need to keep improving your craft and learning from others – and that’s why WriteMovies has created a full series of online sessions for screenwriters!

On June 3rd, we’re taking a look at Killer Concepts: Generating Ideas for Your Scripts, and on June 10th, Key Aspects of Writing and Storytelling. Whatever you’re interested in, we’ll be covering it and sharing insights and invaluable advice about it.

Concept, structure, characters, dialogue – we’ll deal with all elements of writing a screenplay, right through to pitching your finished work to industry and developing your career as a screenwriter.

Take a look at the full schedule of events here!

We’ll also be doing interviews with experts and professionals including screenwriters, producers, and more, giving you the fast-track about working in the industry and what you need to do to succeed!

Plus, these sessions are a part of WriteMovies Academy, meaning you can get access to ALL of them on demand for a single purchase – subscribers of each phase get access to all its sessions for free!

WriteMovies has more than 20 years experience mentoring writers and taking their scripts to top producers worldwide, not only in the US but elsewhere too. Take advantage of these online sessions to find out everything we’ve learned and take the next steps on your screenwriting journey.

So what are you waiting for? Learn from the best with WriteMovies – click here to look at the full schedule of online sessions and start booking your place!

Spring Contest – Deadline on May 23rd!

Spring Contest – Deadline on May 23rd!

The deadline for the WriteMovies Spring Contest is in just one week on May 23rd! Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win the Grand Prize of $3500 and more!

As the industry slowly gets back to normal, the demand for spec scripts and the potential opportunities for screenwriters in 2021 could be huge. The pandemic has changed the world and the movie industry along with it.

Back in the ‘90s, the spec script had a golden age. As reported by, there were 173 spec scripts sold in 1995, a staggering number compared to modern-day figures. We think there’s potential for these numbers to increase again because of the pandemic and the way film distribution has worked during this unstable time.

Streaming services are vital in the present day and are the most popular way that people consume films and TV shows, with services like Netflix producing their own films and releasing them exclusively on their own platforms. At the same time, major production companies were unable to put their films into cinemas during the pandemic.

As a result, these companies started releasing their movies on VoD and streaming services instead, sometimes for a higher fee. What does this mean for screenwriters? Well, with people able to easily consume new films at home without even needing to get up off the couch, there will be a constant demand for new films and scripts.

This, in turn, means that a film’s opening weekend and box-office numbers won’t be the only thing producers look at, and they’re far more likely to take risks on spec scripts because of the constant demand from streaming and VoD.

Here at WriteMovies, we make sure all our winners are in the best position possible when pitching to the industry. Click here to enter before the deadline and have a chance of winning our 2021 Spring Contest!

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