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VoD Concept and Development
VoD Development and Outlining
VoD The First Draft
VoD The Second Draft
VoD What Producers Want From Writers
VoD Pitching and Promoting
VoD Killer Concepts – Generating Ideas for Your Scripts
VoD That’s A Wrap
July 1st 2021 + VoD Key Aspects of Writing and Storytelling
July 8th 2021 + VoD Killer Concepts – Choosing the Right Ideas
July 15th 2021 + VoD Industry Interview – Vanisha Renée Pierce
July 22nd 2021 + VoD Genre Workshop – Sci-Fi and Fantasy
August 5th 2021 + VoD Writing Unique Voices in Dialogue
August 12th 2021 + VoD Personal Identities: Creating Compelling Characters
August 19th 2021 + VoD Industry Interview – TBC
August 26th 2021 + VoD Genre Workshop – Comedy and Sitcom
September 9th 2021 + VoD Writing is Rewriting – How to Edit Your Script
September 16th 2021 + VoD Preparing the Perfect Pitch
September 23rd 2021 + VoD Industry Interview – TBC
September 30th 2021 + VoD Genre Workshop – Action and Thriller
October 7th 2021 + VoD Developing Your Script’s Themes
October 14th 2021 + VoD Understanding Your Script’s Budget
October 21st 2021 + VoD Industry Interview – TBC
October 28th 2021 + VoD Genre Workshop – Horror
November 4th 2021 + VoD Understanding Agents – Preparing, Presenting & Following Up
November 11th 2021 + VoD From Page to Screen – How to Write Adaptations
November 18th 2021 + VoD Industry Interview – TBC
December 2nd 2021 + VoD Heroes and Villains – Writing a Great Protagonist
December 9th 2021 + VoD Heroes and Villains – Writing a Great Antagonist
December 16th 2021 + VoD Industry Interview – TBC





Promoting great global storytelling since 1999.

Since we were established in Hollywood in 1999 we’ve been the company who help you choose the best scripts and projects, develop them to their fulfil their potential, and get them sold and produced, with two Oscar-nominated writers among our notable success stories. Our acclaimed services and contests mirror how your script will fare in the industry right now.

Any writer looking to move their script to a higher level can’t go wrong by turning to WriteMovies for feedback.

Tom Craig

Producer of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, RAIN MAN and many other top films


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