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WriteMovies Testimonials

Here’s a selection of WriteMovies testimonials and what you’ve been saying about us recently and all the way from 1999 to the present day.

“I wanted to write a short note to say how much I enjoy working with WriteMovies. The professional way in which you deal with both the writers and the analysts makes the experience of giving and receiving screenplay notes a painless one and as a result allows the creative process to flow smoothly. Any writer looking to move their screenplay to a higher level can’t go wrong by turning to WriteMovies for feedback.” –   Tom Craig, WriteMovies Mentor and Producer (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, RAINMAN)

Thank you for your tremendous notes, working together has been a pleasure. I hope your 2018 is terrific.

Gregg Hanour on his Development Notes and working with WriteMovies.

"The Development Notes have been absolutely fantastic. They're thoughtful and insightful, and exhibit a deep understanding of the genre. They're specific enough for me to know what to do and where to begin, while at the same time leaving room for me to be totally creative. They exceed all my expectations. I'm delighted. Thank you so very much!"

Winter 2016 Contest Second Placed Winner Belinda Whitney on her Development Notes for winning script THE ARENA - September, 2017.

Whoever is doing my notes is doing a wonderful job. These are by far the best notes I've ever received. I can tell he or she has REALLY read my script. I like that every time a flaw is pointed out it comes with an explanation and a suggestion on how to fix it. Keep up the GREAT work!

Feedback from Ruben Bush III, our Winter 2016 Contest Grand Prize Winner - July 2017.

"Thank you and Ron Clayton for this EXCELLENT coverage on my script, “Burner” – excellent in both content and presentation.  It is by far the most professionally done example of coverage I have ever received (outside of one that gave it a 9.2 score/Recommend).

At first I wondered why he thought the budget was considered “High,” as all three previous analyses pegged it at Medium or Low-Medium.  But your guy took the trouble to explain the reasons and they make absolute sense...

Again, thank you for the great Free!  Free!  Free! feedback –and I will be recommending your service to my writers group when we meet on Thursday."

"Just an update, John – My writers group loved your coverage which I shared on Thursday night."

Bob Canning on his free Judging Feedback (won by random selection for entering early in the Spring 2017 Competition).

Hallo Ian,

ich finde es sehr gut, dass Ihr ehrlich seid... Es war sehr schön mit euch... Ich habe einige Analysen von euch gekauft. Mein Drehbuch ist jetzt gut geworden (in meinen Augen). Für diese Hilfe danke ich Euch sehr. Habe schon Bestätigungen von Leuten aus der Branche bekommen, dass es gut geworden ist. Thanks Writemovies! ... wünsche ich Euch noch viel Erfolg gute Autoren zu finden.

Liebe Grüße...

Eine deutsche Autorin (2017)

Dear Alex,

I can't believe a year has already passed since I entered your contest with my very first feature script: THE PERFORMANCE. Thanks again for the opportunity to place as a finalist. Your vote of confidence and the prestige of your competition have given me invaluable motivation to keep writing and helped me immeasurably in my continuing efforts to market material during the past months. My debut as a screenwriter, the short film AUDIT, continues to gain momentum. The film has now been selected by over fifty film festivals, won the WinFemme Film Festival Audience Award for Best Narrative Short, qualified for Academy Award consideration and continues to air on the Independent Film Channel. My work as an actor in the short DOG DAYS has also gained more attention. The short film was selected by over sixty festivals, also qualified for Academy Award consideration, won the Hamptons Film Festival Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short and is also airing on IFC. My latest work, the short film TELEPHONE, world premiered at the Roma Independent Film Festival in February 2002 and has already been selected by several American and International festivals as well. TELEPHONE recently won the Audience Award for Best Film at the inaugural year of the Stand Film & Video Festival at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I hope you will accept my very best wishes for a happy, rewarding and fulfilling competition this year. Take care, Alex and sincere thanks for your dedicated efforts to inspire, reward and support the work of writers everywhere!

Spencer Beglarian.

I looked around your website today after finding it through a Google search. I enjoyed it - esp. the interview with Alex Ross. You manage to convey that this may not be a place ultimately dedicated to the fleecing of suckers. (Not the impression made on me by some of the other friend-of-the-aspiring websites I have seen). I was a bit unclear, however, on the connection between your site and the TV script contest promoted in one of your links . . . Thanks for asking and for the good content.

Kim V.

Hi Naomi:

I received the coverage thanks. Please let Jason Haller know that I am very happy with his coverage. There are a lot of people out there dispensing advice and they'll tell you exactly what you wanna hear. But that is not gonna make anybody a better writer. Jason Haller gave me constructive, honest and straight forward critique, exactly what I was looking for. I am now ready to take my script to the next level.

Jens P.

Dear, dear, dear Annette,

I am beyond words to see my story on your website. I have read all the many nice things other writers have said about you and I have to agree "YOU ARE THE GREATEST" I love the way my story was edited and have always wanted to find someone just like you who could take my work and fine tune it like you did. Your efforts made a story (that I knew like the back of my hand) a pleasure to read. Thanks so much.

Toi Kai Watson

I love you guys! It sounds like you're really kicking proverbial butt. Keep up the great work, and God Bless!

Kristina J.

I just received Jason Haller's comments on my script Penumbra, and I just wanted to thank him, and writemovies.com, for his thoughtful and thought-provoking analysis and comments. I'm feeling really enthusiastic about getting on with the next draft!

Alan O.

I have spent many days looking for an appropriate agent/manager on the net. I have probably visited most of the web sites, and was turned off by their no frills offers, or the "Sharks" who act like they are doing you a favor for even taking your money. Your company is by far the best I have seen. Your site is friendly, informative and, most of all, seems to welcome a beginning screenwriter. When I saw your policy and your approach to business, I knew I had found the right company, best of all, your rates are beyond reasonable. I am sending you a full-length screenplay called: First Conflict: The Grand Drama. One of the most unconventional scripts that you will probably read, even in the genre of science fiction. It has the horror elements of Clive Barker, the action of a big time thrill ride like Jurassic Park and the smart science fiction of Matrix. Most importantly, it is designed to make you think it is a more traditional action science fiction movie, but behind all of it, is a totally different reality, that is only revealed towards the end making the audience think again about everything that they heard and saw. I hope that you like what I have written and hope that you find my idea exciting and commercially viable. Thanks for reading my letter and I hope that someday we will be able to discuss a sale to New Line Cinema, or some other major studio.

Anthony Christopher Russo.

I received the analysis today. I am impressed with your analysis and I think it was worth the $99. You sure don't sugarcoat it as some consultants do. I will be rewriting some parts and hopefully will have it ready for the contest. I know I will be up against some real talent but I will do my best. Please save me a spot and I will have it ready soon.

Thank you,
Ada Montalvo

This is just a note to tell you how much I appreciated your acknowledging my script. As you know, most contests don't bother -- too busy reading 25 word loglines and shredding scripts, I guess!


Annette, absolutely use my e-mail as a testimonial! I am also going to pass your name on to a woman here in Calgary who writes a lot of screenplays but also is our "Women In Television and Film Alberta" President. The fact that you were hard hitting is a tremendous asset because, believe me, anyone who really wants to become a better writer will be thankful. Writing is rewriting and that's all there is to it. I've just landed an agent for my novels in New York and she put me through my paces. (I had to cut 140 pages and turn a mainstream novel into a mystery). It was the most difficult but rewarding writing I've ever done. So . . . I'm looking forward to getting at Jason's comments and although they "get to the point quickly" he's right and had given me exactly what I wanted to hear. If you would like to edit this letter and add bits and pieces to the other one, feel free. Thanks a lot. I'll send my "revised" screenplay by October 15th via e-mail which you can open.


Annette, just looked at my notes and I definitely feel as if I got my money's worth. Tell Jason thanks, he was very thorough and right on with his comments. I look forward to the rewrite as difficult as it may be.


Atten: Naomi Singer

Greetings from the East Coast! It's a genuine honor to be a semi-finalist in your current contest. However, I just wanted to thank you for your promptness and overall responsiveness. Of all the contests I've entered/placed-in this past year, yours is the only one that immediately acknowledged receipt of my script AND announced results exactly when promised. Accordingly, that makes WriteMovies.com THE Class Act resource for aspiring screenwriters.

Best Regards,
Rick W. Vienna, Virginia


Thanks for the most useful response I have had yet to Ethandune. Believe it or not, this version was written after reading Story with great attention and interest. Doubtless I tried to do too much in my first effort. I will read the other books you recommended and carve the script down to its essentials (and bring out the essentials). You apparently didn't see any appeal to the Braveheart market. Maybe the next version will do better that way.

Bill C.

No question. One comment. Just really enjoyed the honesty in Alex Ross' interview. He affirmed so many wonderful beliefs and knowings that I hang on to. Thanks for the article. http://www.prairieden.com/front_porch/visiting_authors/ross.html Future Academy Award Winning Screenwriter/Producer/Director

Fran H.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit to your recent contest. I was pleased that the script, Don Junior, was chosen as one of the finalists. It's a nice boost.

Best wishes,
Alan B.


I received the feedback on my script (from Jason Haller) and was very happy with the critique that was offered. I definitely have some good stuff to work on.

John C.

Dear Alex:

Well, I made it back to Montana safe and sound. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the reception. I enjoyed it very much. It was quite a new experience for a poor old Montana boy. As we discussed, I'll give you a call later this week to touch base.

Thanks again.
Jimmy S.

You guys are great!

Graham D.

Jason Haller, Your analysis of ROLLING OUT THE STORM was fantastic; I've paid a lot more for a lot less. It's good to know that there are people that understand the difference between writing for big mama Hollywood and sweet home Art-house. In either case, your notes hit all the bases.

Brad H.

Thank you for the analysis of the above mentioned screenplay. I was fully aware that the script was not in this final form when I sent it to you, but had reached that point where I didn't know what to do with it (trash can wasn't considered). The information contained in the review will be of a great help.

Joe K.

First I would like to thank you for considering my writing and being one of the finalist already means a lot for me because it is my first contest ! It is important to be considered by professionals. Writing is like breathing for me. It is two years now that I am in a wheel chair because of a fall I have made in the mountains while doing sports (my spinal cord has been injuried) and writing helps me to go through this ordeal. So I will keep on writing, especially for kids, and who knows, maybe one day I will have the chance to share the product of my imagination with a large audience... Again thank you very much for your consideration.

Best regards,
Claudia P.

Dear WriteMovies --

I've been having a rough couple of weeks, but then this news about the contest came through today and it was just the kind of pick-me-up I needed. Thanks so much to you and WriteMovies! Thanks again for the acknowledgment. One likes to hear, at least on occasion, that one has done good.

Bill M.

Hi, Dear Staff.

I sent this e-mail a little while to WriteMovies, and I can see you're a recommended service and I'd like to tell you the following : I'm Sergio Bustamante, a screenwriter looking for a break. My experience with WriteMovies was great, and I consider it a really great resource, one that I continuously use. Thanks a million for your attention and hope to hear from you very soon.

Sergio M. B.

FOR THE ATTENTION OF TOM CRAIG. Thank you for your analysis. You have identified some very interesting points (some of which I have overlooked -- some of which I have not dealt with sufficiently). The re-write will now focus on Jim-Bob and Rosie. The two parrots will be used to interact with all the existing characters -- as well as pushing the plot forward. Thank you for your offer to analyse the next draught. I look forward to re-submitting the script.

Kind Regards
Lee M.

Dear Mr. Ross:

Thank you for your time and helpful feedback on my pitch at the Megahit Movies Screenwriting Workshop in Orlando earlier this month. You gave me a number of important things to think about as I work on my screenplay and I really appreciate it. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again.

Michael F.

Dear C.J.:

About the screenplay: All Went Swimmingly... Gee, your analysis is good... damn good. Yep, I'll use your advise and intensify the jeopardy issue about the consequences of Marie's success/failure in Julliard. I'll make Quin more 3 dimensional as well. Your analysis is superb. You're wide. You're deep. Thank you.


Just a quick thank you for the honest and thorough evaluation I've received for "Arnies Beef Palace." Incidentally, the more that I thought about it... the happier I was with the results. I felt that the value received from the comments was easily worth the $100. I felt that the story was accurately picked apart, the flaws of the scripts brought to light... I remain quite pleased.

Much appreciated,
Craig P.

Dear Chris:

I am very pleased about your analysis of my script, TOUCH ME NOT. Almost all the weaknesses that you have pointed out are now clearly visible to me. The script does need a major revamping and I have already worked out the strategy on addressing these concerns... Thank you very much for your valuable input. It was my first experience with your consulting service and I am really pleased with what I got in return. If the movie is produced, with your permission, I would like to credit your name as a script consultant.

Best wishes.
Ali W. Z.

From Writer's Digest April 2003, recommending WriteMovies.com as one of the top four sites on the net for screenwriters and film makers: "International in scope, the people behind the site have the experience to teach writers how to write for Hollywood. They offer a forum, articles on every aspect of writing, classes and affordable contests. The site is updated daily".

Catherine T. (www.WritersDigest.com nomination)

Hi Alex, Stephen and Brandon:

I just wanted to say thank you for a great lunch today. It was really enlightening to sit down with people with so much experience in the business and talk about how things get done in Hollywood. I especially loved everyone's input on how to pitch a story. It was like a crash course in the way Hollywood works all over one lunch.

Thanks again,
Talk to you soon, Wayne

Brandon (& Alex),

How was it? I wish I could attend one of those lunches every month. You guys are great. Naturally I'm thrilled to be a part of the top ten, but regardless, you guys provided an honest, professional, and useful time that will benefit me a long time to come.Thanks.

The Very Best,
Fred P.


What I've needed is a good reader for early drafts, and I seem to have found that through your service. While i'm sure there are other good readers at your company, I know that Chris Fazio, who analyzed my submission, is excellent. Is there a way to request him as the analyst for my next submission?


Thank you and Chris Fazio Blunt, honest advice is worth far more than placating platitudes. The analysis provides me with a lot of work to do - so be it.


Thank you for your review of my script, FIRST DO NO HARM. It was extremely well done and I shall benefit greatly from your advice.

Ray G.

July 13, 2004

The coverage is superb! The analyst, identified as Eok, pinpointed every weakness and offered some excellent suggestions for improvement. I am grateful for this reader's talents and percipience. What a gift!

Thanks again!

July 14, 2004

Dear Jessica,

Please express my appreciation to Chris for the superb review of A HOME FOR LOVE. His points were right on the money and opened many possibilities for this script. His review made me realize how hard it is to write a script on your own and why so many movies today have more than one writer. It's the kind of give and take that Chris provided that can make a difference in the direction of a script and whether it will sell. The books he references to read were referred to me from a previous consulting job your company did for me (SHINYO MARU). I've already purchased and read these books and keep them as ready references.

Again, my thanks.
Regards, Bill

October 11, 2004 I had breakfast with Tom (Producer). He is a great guy and we had a nice time. He gave me a lot of advice and wants to read the next script that I am currently working on. He said there was a market for it and thought there would be a chance for selling it.

A/E Monthly Contest Winner

Dear WriteMovies.com, More than anything, I enjoyed getting to meet with the other winners. Everyone was great. We so rarely have opportunities to sit down together as peers, it was a real pleasure for me. That and Alex was a gracious and accommodating host. Lots of fun.

WriteMovies Honorable Mention

Dear WriteMovies,

The WriteMovies.com contest has been so much fun for me these last several months. My family and friends followed the progress of my script through the ranks from the semi-finals to the final awards with great enthusiasm, and the encouragement from the contest has energized me as a writer to revise some older projects and embark on some new ones. I've already sent an entry in for the Fall contest and hope to write a screenplay for one of the monthly contests. Lunch was a real treat for me as the only woman surrounded by a table filled with attractive men. I've been a movie fan all my life and it was exciting to meet people in the industry. I learned a lot and am busy with some revisions to my play, putting it into the new Final Draft software. One of the advantages of living in a tiny town is that being a local celebrity is a lark. Garland Roark, who wrote The Wake of the Red Witch, which became a film with John Wayne, moved from Houston to Nacogdoches, TX. When Fair Wind to Java was filmed in 1953, the world premier was held in little ole Nac. The local movie theatre still had the photos up when I went to college there in 1969 and kept them up until owner Mr. Matteson passed away in the early 90's. I always wished I could bring a movie to a little town like that. If I ever sell a script, I want the premier to be in Blythe! (But not in the summertime!) Thanks for a wonderful lunch -- great food and stimulating conversion.

WriteMovies Category Winner

Wow, I had a great time! it was not only informative in so many ways, but also really exciting to meet all the producers and the other writers. I must say that the winner's lunch has been the highlight of my screenplay contest experience so far. everyone was really nice and informal, i felt right at ease. it was great picking everyone's brains and hearing the stories about the industry. at one point i just got this great feeling up and down my body, thinking "wow, i'm here with real producers and writers...i'm a frickin' screen writer for sure!" I consider WriteMovies.com to be one of the premiere contests I have entered, and will gladly tell anyone who asks. I am also going to go onto the MovieBytes.com contest page and enter a very favorable report card for your contest. Thanks again, and I will stay in touch!

Gil C.
WriteMovies Category Winner

August 18, 2005


I just wanted to thank you all again for the letter of recommendation. YES! I got in. YES! I'm going to AFI this year. You guys rock!

Scott C. WriteMovies Honorable Mention


Please thank Mr. [Albert] Lee for me. His comments are insightful and accurate. He lit up the script from an angle I was not able to see and exposed a number of challenges I need to resolve.


Dear Thomas M. and Analyst Will Brett,

Thank you so much for the review and critique of my screenplay, ‘Dirty Laundry’! I truly couldn’t self-critique because I was too close to my own work. I find your assessment very useful and insightful! This left me chomping at the bit to get to work on the ‘fixes’. Yes, it will be a major re-write; however, now it has ‘direction’. I truly appreciate the time invested, not only in reviewing my screenplay, but also in the thoughtful and truly meaty assessment. It is wonderful to receive a critique which clarifies pitfalls and offers suggestions to approach necessary repairs in structure and dialog! Thank you! I truly appreciated your feedback!

Warmest Regards,
Brenda C.

Thanks -- Amanda Mayen's report on my script was excellent!

Susan M.

Thank you so much to Mr. [Tom] Speller! His consultation was extremely helpful. I was afraid I missed the mark with too many things going on at once and too much science, which reduced the time spent on character development. His consult has helped me to see problem areas more clearly and objectively. I see what can be cut and what needs to be fleshed out more. His examples were also very helpful especially with showing interior dialogue. Please be sure to forward my thanks for his wonderfully helpful to Mr. Speller and what ever pats on the back you guys give your consultants.

Thank you!
Judy C

October 11, 2006 Hi Susanne,

I received the email last night and went through it this morning. Tell Albert that I am thoroughly impressed by his remarks and comments. They are not only well thought out, but he also given me insightful ideas on how to handle the changes. Ihad a previous analysis done from another company and was extremely disappointed with the feedback; Albert's comments came from someone who seems aware of the horror genre and does not look down upon it... And also, thank you very much for expediting the process.


October 27, 2006

Dear Susanne,

Yes, I was extremely pleased - even better than I expected! Howard (Rosenman) is terrific. I was also happy with writemovies in general - your reps were always friendly and there when I needed help or had a question. Thank you so much for following up!


Subject: RE: Howard Rosenman Consulting

Dear Susanne,

Yes, I was extremely pleased - even better than I expected! Howard is terrific. I was also happy with writemovies in general - your reps were always friendly and there when I needed help or had a question. Thank you so much for following up!

Catherine D.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dear Alex,

I just logged in to see my story "The Sentry" took an Honorable Mention in Contest #13. I am flattered and proud to have placed. Thank you for reading my work and giving me this encouraging nod.

All the best,
Elizabeth A.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dear Alex,

I just logged in to see my story "The Sentry" took an Honorable Mention in Contest #13. I am flattered and proud to have placed. Thank you for reading my work and giving me this encouraging nod.

All the best,
Elizabeth A.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I was a finalist in your 11th International Competition. I often include this in my cover letters and it has opened many doors. I am now a working writer with a horror in production with a Tokyo studio, plus another project receiving funding from the British Arts Council body - Film Agency for Wales. Part of this success is due to your competition. Would you like to run an interview with me in your Hall of Fame section? It would give me some publicity for my next project "The Green Grounds"...

All the best,
Jon Mitchell

Your contest, the Write Movies International Writing Competition, embodies the first major opportunity for success as screenwriters and filmmakers these two have. To even make it as finalists testifies to what they can achieve. All invested in adev.ious.plot look forward to seeing the final results of this contest and will continue to fight for every scrap of success they can.

Michael McKinney and Tyson Nafus

I'm very grateful to Writemovies. I'm a former winner of the A/E Exposure contest for my screenplay The Secrets of Westbridge. Before and after winning, I had books published with major companies, such as Harlequin Books. I won an honorable mention screenwriting award with Writers Digest. Now, I have my own publishing company, Allura Publishing, which adapts many of the works to screenplays and also composes music based on the storylines and characters. Please visit us at AlluraPublishing.com,and thank you. On the site, you will also see The Secrets of Westbridge. It's now a novel.

Loure Bussey

Thank you. This was by far the most in-depth analysis I've received from anyone so far.

Jeff Turboff

I just wanted to thank everyone at Writemovies.com for their hard work and dedication to discovering new talent and stories. I cannot tell you how elated I was when I found out I placed second in the contest and I'm happy that everyone liked the story so much. For me, that is the highest honor. It was a real thrill and my whole family is just so proud. Thank you, everyone!

Jacob K.

Yes, I had a wonderful, very helpful chat with Howard, and am excited about the changes I am implementing in my script. His advice helped me see missed opportunity that will greatly enhance the story, as well as a flaw I knew about, but couldn't quite figure my way around. I look forward to seeing the improvements in my next draft, and hope it can move my script into a more sell-able product.

Karen K.

Here's a selection of what you've been saying about us since 1999.

Please thank the reviewer for all his detailed effort. Excellent and job well done! Thanks again for handling this.



I am very pleased with the feedback and would like you to take a look at my next draft in a month or so.

Ryan S.

Hi Alex - I've finished my edits based on the last round of coverage. I think that maxes me out at 4! I wanted to thank you so much for your help and understanding along the way. Lots of times through contests or festivals you can tell that the people in charge are completely out of touch with the experience of the writer and frankly don't care. But you and your team have been amazing and I have a better script because of it. Thank you!!

Natalie H.

Okay...So I took a week to lick my wounds. And now I have a few observations.

1. I really appreciate the coaching. It was on target and all of the suggestions made sense (which really frustrates me in hind sight, but that's a personal failing: 🙂

2. They focused on the script and I never really felt the evaluator was trying to make it personal. I never felt like they were attacking me.

3. I was glad they didn't say, "you need to learn how to write period (your writing sucks) as much as you need to understand how TV scripts work and fix your plot."

4. Great contest. I'll fix my script and resubmit it next year. I can resubmit it right?



Hey Alex,

I am beyond pleased with the coverage your team has provided for my script. It was both thoughtful and concise. Though, I have to say, I've developed a new dislike for the work, "however".

I added some scenes - as per suggested with BOBBY and MISS SALLY - and really feel they add a great deal to the story (in particular the pecan pie scene with Bobby - Page 75). I also shortened other scenes, cut a few montages, and tried as a whole to improve the flow of the script.

My thanks to you and the Writemovies team.



Working with Alex Ross from the WriteMovies.com #27 contest has been great. He knows how to make a good script into a great one and is able to open doors to get that script into the right hands!

Jared Cohn

The WriteMovies Winner's Lunch was amazing. There were three other writers, (two of whom have sold or optioned their scripts), two producers, one manager and...the story editor from William Morris Endeavour. Despite my anxiety attack and my inability to taste my lunch (which was supposedly delicious), I was able to appreciate the clout which made this possible. Now working on the cogent revisions suggested byt the WriteMovies/Alex Ross team. Wish me luck, guys.

Denise Landau

I am the winner of WMC28 and cannot praise this contest enough. For me, the thing that stands out about this contest above others is the way they help you develop your script after you win. Winning a contest is great, but that doesn't mean it's studio ready. Alex and the folks at WriteMovies really go above and beyond the expectations to make sure you're ready for the next step. Unlike other contests that just simply submit your script with no further advice. Can't wait to get out to L.A. for teh luncheon. Hands down, this contest gives you the most for your money. Period.

Cory Goerke


Thank you so much for your insightfull and well written critique, and it was well worth the wait. It has given me many ideas of how to structure a rewrite.

This screenplay was formerly optioned to Triboro Pictures in New York City, who declined to renew it. If WriteMovies does not mind, I might submit it again with improvements. I hope that you do not object.

Terrence Crimmins

Hey, Dave here with a thank you note for Jason...

Thank you so much for the notes on "Rat Girl"! I deeply appreciate your generous gift of time. It's a thrill to receive comments from somebody(you) who writes with passion and overall mastery of the relevant information. I plan on doing a rewrite based on your input then resubmitting my script to the AEX contest. Thanks again for your help!


One of the hardest things about doing rewrites on this script has been keeping the page count down - every reader, for the most part, has suggested adding things - good ideas, all, but bumping up the page count despite efforts to trim it elsewhere. Though one thing that would help trim it is nixing the songs, I'm very reluctant to remove the musical element, mainly because I feel a lot of both the heart and the humor/character development lies in that place.

I have to say, notes from you folks have been the most insightful and motivational out of any I've received. If there's anyone there who feels Phil is strong enough to help me develop it further, I'm very open to any such collaboration.


Also, it was an honor for me to have had my scripts selected as Quarter-Finalists in the competition! I had a wonderful experience with WriteMovies, and I'm looking forward to WMC 34!

Jon Szatkowski

I would just like to thank the reader who took the time to offer so many insights on my script "Mend". They obviously read it carefully and took careful notes. It was really great and worthwhile and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you.

David C.

Many thanks for this.I was delighted to get these notes as (a) they were very positive, and (b) they contained some excellent suggestions about how to make the story work even better. So however it happened – many thanks again!

Alan B.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Thanks to everybody at WriteMovies for running such a great contest! Thrilled to take 3rd place! See you at the movies,

Ron M.