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WriteMovies in 2024: Anytime Entry, script pitching, hybrid events and courses

WriteMovies in 2024: Anytime Entry, script pitching, hybrid events and courses

Get representation confirmation and feedback faster than ever before.

Welcome to a fresh year at WriteMovies in 2024, and we’re doing things differently this time. With our new-look Anytime Entry service you can still become a lauded winner of representation and guaranteed pitching to industry, like our many existing winners, but quicker than ever, combined with valuable feedback!

We’re also working with international partners to launch WriteMovies Screenwriters Forum – launching hybrid online and in-person masterclasses and script development sessions and courses. More on this soon!

And with so many winners to pitch following the WGA strike and other industry disruption, plus more industry media news from our founder Dr. Alex Ross, we’re sure of an exciting year ahead…

Anytime Entry – your fast track to a great result!

There’s going to be lots to announce in the coming months, but today we’d like to show you what you get by using our Anytime Entry service. Enter your script at any time at our website for just $45, and you will receive:

  • An analysis of the first ten pages of your script, focusing on its key strengths and weaknesses in the key passages that the industry would actually consider before deciding whether to continue.
  • A writer evaluation, confirming either that we believe the industry’s analysts would Pass this entry, Consider this entry for representation and pitching (which we will do by entering it in any one of our annual Awards and Prizes this year!)… or that our analyst can immediately Recommend it – guaranteeing you Representation, public promotion and pitching to industry in return for a signed contract to be managed and publicly promoted by us and our partners at TalentScout International Management!

If you’d like a more advanced script report to inform your next steps as a writer, why not enter for a WriteMovies Studio Consulting Report, Development Notes, or any of our services direct from Dr. Alex Ross? You’ll be evaluated for representation, promotion and pitching just the same!

We think this will be a great model for our customers to get prompt confirmation of their project’s potential in the market, and of their own opportunities for representation, from WriteMovies in 2024. And we think you’ll feel the same!

What’s more, it also guarantees you the chance to win any relevant WriteMovies prize or Award that we announce this year – giving you a second shot at representation, promotion and pitching by the end of the year as our view of your entry and the market develops! And even better than that: if you get a ‘Consider’ outcome, you’ll be allowed to submit a new draft of your project to that contest before it closes – giving you every chance to learn from the feedback you got first time around and nail it before the contest winners are decided.

Enter now at – see the options in the right sidebar or navigate to the service you’re interested in!

Our Industry Diary, August & September 2023: New acclaim for Dr. Alex Ross

Our Industry Diary, August & September 2023: New acclaim for Dr. Alex Ross

InkTip partnership, Royal Historical Society, Newsweek, Amazon news

It’s been another lively period for us, and the end of the WGA strike opens up many doors for us and our winners again – but a lot was already happening, as you can see here! Lots to tell you about from this period including impressive new acclaim for Dr. Alex Ross!


  • We’ve renewed our partnership with InkTip, enabling us and 4 of our winners to gain significant exposure to successful producers – more on this soon!
  • Alex Ross has been made a fellow of the Royal Historical Society – some accolade! Alex says: “It’s a pretty cool honour as the fellowship is the highest form of membership and really tough to get”! Read about it here.
  • The next book by Dr. Alex Ross is also shaping up as a blockbuster insight into a hugely talked-about movie – we’re looking forward to revealing this soon!
How should writers respond to shocking events?

How should writers respond to shocking events?

It’s hard for anyone to process the scale and horror of events like the atrocities in Israel by Hamas, or genocide and ethnic cleansing, or the devastation caused by the invasion of Ukraine. But writers can play a vital role in helping us all process, and respond to, these unthinkable events when they happen.

Firstly, I’d like to state – on behalf of everyone at WriteMovies – our shock and revulsion at the attacks in Israel last week, and our heartfelt sympathy for everyone who has been affected by them or their consequences. My fear is that things are going to get a lot worse even than they are right now, for a much bigger number of people, over the weeks, months and years ahead, because of some of the factors I’ll talk about in this article. And I think writers do have the power to make some important differences in these situations, and I’d like to talk a little about that here.

Here are some principles for writers to consider about their role in the world and the influence that their work can have over world events. You’re welcome to respond to these and suggest others on our social media!

  1. Show us how we got here. Historical, biographical, or contemporary retellings of things that happened in the past are a vital insight into who and what we are today, and how we need to change for the future.
  2. Don’t let us forget the lessons of history. Find ways to reinvent and retell the stories that teach us the most from the past, for today’s and tomorrow’s audiences and obsessions.
  3. Don’t fall into lazy, familiar, safe views of the past that indulge and reassure us. Why create a faithful new adaptation of a familiar classic work, when you could be focusing on different angles within that world that speak to our modern views of that world? Or find other stories from that era which people then weren’t ready to tell about themselves?
  4. Don’t fall into the trap of treating anyone’s personal identities as more important than our shared humanity. That way lies tribalism, prejudice, war, and ultimately genocide.
  5. Avoid writing predictable ‘issue dramas’ that basically agree with everything we would already think about an issue, without teaching us why this thing happens or why we should look differently at it.
  6. Help us understand why people do ‘unthinkable’ things. Famous examples include: How can a responsible, ordinary person turn into a hardened, dangerous criminal (BREAKING BAD)? And, how can someone commit terrible criminal acts for their ‘job’ yet still try to be a good person for their family (THE SOPRANOS)? In the current crises, you could try to explain why Hamas doesn’t value life – their own, Israelis’, nor even their own people’s. Or how Russian rhetoric was describing Ukrainians as their ‘brothers’ in the run-up to the invasion – while their armed forces prepared to kill any of them who tried to stand up to oppression.
  7. See the bigger picture, and look further than people caught up in the crisis now will be able to. For example, here is an immediate reaction, one week after Hamas’ incursions into Israel in October 2023: the Hamas atrocities in Israel seem designed to show all Israelis and Jews that they will never be safe, and to provoke an extreme reaction in response. The reaction of Israeli forces to that has so far followed the pattern of previous attacks and hostage scenarios in that conflict very closely, but on a predictably bigger scale. Surely this is exactly what Hamas and their backers would have expected, and would have planned and prepared for? So if what Israel is currently doing, is also the goal of the attackers – who is actually winning? What will the longer-term consequences be as the rest of the world – Arab or not – reacts to what is happening in Gaza and beyond? Could this situation escalate far beyond its current focus – what if that’s exactly what Israel’s enemies are trying to bring about? And if so, how bad could things get for Israel and its allies, how quickly?

These are just a few of the ways that writers can add value to the world which can both recognize and help the situation, within and beyond any current crisis or recent shock. I hope they help you frame your own reaction to the many crises in the world, and to understand the part that you can play in helping us to address or prevent them in future. As ever, we would be very happy to mentor you further if this is something of interest to you – But above all good luck, and if you or people you care about are caught up in these or any other crises, our sympathies are always with you.

Script Consultancy Services direct from Alex Ross!

Script Consultancy Services direct from Alex Ross!

Have your scripts, books, articles mentored direct from Alex Ross with!


Dr. Alex Rossdr alex ross mentor profile

Over twenty years in the Hollywood film industry working with and for the studios as agent, manager, and producer. “I ran close to 7000 pitch meetings, most with the studio heads of production. Worked with several Academy nominees and discovered two.

​One of the very few film industry professionals with a research background.  I recently completed a Ph.D. looking at how production companies turn their scripts into blockbusters. Eight years of research, interviewing hundreds of filmmakers. If I cannot make you succeed, no one can.

I am a member of the British Film Academy (BAFTA) as well as an expert consultant to the European Union’s EACA program, which I advise on which film projects to invest in.”


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