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Our Script Concept and Theme Online Course is now available on demand from as low as $15!

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This session is Phase 1 of WriteMovies Academy’s Mastering Professional Screenwriting and Pitching course. Throughout the session, our 6 Mini-Masterclasses covered:

  1. Knowing Yourself and Your Goals – Why clarity gets results.
  2. Personal Identities – Why they’re vital in writing and storytelling, and how to use them powerfully.
  3. Understanding Producers and Commissioners – What role do writers actually play, for the people

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    who actually pay?

  4. Key Aspects of Writing and Storytelling – A short introduction into why they matter and how to use them powerfully.
  5. Generating Ideas – Varied exercises to create ideas for projects to compare and develop in future.
  6. Choosing The Right Ideas – Good ways, bad ways, anyways?

See below to access this unique on-demand course in your preferred currency ($USD, $CAD, $AUD and £GBP).

Select from the dropdown ‘ Development & Outlining with mentoring’ if you’d like to complete the activities suggested in the course, and submit them to WriteMovies for professional feedback and mentoring!

When you click on these buttons you can pay with either a PayPal account, or with the ‘Pay by Debit or Credit Card’ option underneath that.


We hope you enjoy our Script Concept and Theme Online Course! To view and book future events please click here.

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