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Daily creative writing activities.

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Daily creative writing prompts

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Get daily mentoring, resources and activities. Take your screenwriting and film production skills to the next level, and start your journey to the top with us. Welcome to the WriteMovies Academy Lite!

We’ve reconceived our virtual film school in order to help writers get seriously affordable daily inspiration, resources, activities and feedback from us for a fraction of the usual price. For just $125 a month we can send you a new PDF of learning materials, Creative Challenges and other activities, every weekday – and, when you submit your outcomes to us by email, we’ll send you daily feedback as well! We’ve reduced our prices as far as we can without breaking minimum wage levels (just do the math!) to be able to offer support as widely as possible to help everyone cope with the challenging era of global Coronavirus lockdowns.

And what’s more – if you join the Academy Lite – you can submit a script to our contests for FREE every month – saving you $49 – half the value of the month’s Academy Lite! You can’t go wrong!


Creative Challenges

Creative Challenge

  • A daily prompt to fulfil a short daily routine that will keep you positive, motivated and progressing
  • A 30 minute task to achieve this, which includes:
  • 20 minutes spent either writing, making sketches or notes, based on a short and simple prompt
  • 10 minutes of reflection and sharing from the activity you’ve done, to recognize what it has taught you about yourself and your writing, and get peer support via social media, or by submitting to us at WriteMovies.
  • The momentum and stimulation to carry forward into the rest of your day – hopefully enabling you to be creative, productive, focused and successful every day through the lockdown and beyond.

Free Contest Entry

If you join the Academy Lite – you can submit a script to our contests for FREE every month – saving you $49! You can’t go wrong!

Daily Mentoring

When you submit your outcomes to us by email, we’ll send you daily feedback as well! 

Why us?

We’ve been selling scripts and other works to the international entertainment industry for decades and develop writers of ANY age and experience level. If you’re considering film school, you don’t have to leave the house or go $100k into debt! No one gives you an industry writing job because you went to a specific film school. You get one because of the quality of your writing sample. Our complete course is a fraction of the $100k cost of Film School and available from home wherever you are, in your own time!

NOBODY is better qualified than our founder Dr. Alex Ross in why films succeed and fail. He's:

NOBODY is better qualified than our founder Dr. Alex Ross in why films succeed and fail. He's:

  • A top former agent who represented Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Niccol etc and other top writers,
  • Producer of a theatrical feature film that was distributed by Warner Bros,
  • Creator of an entertainment company he sold to Sandra Bullock,
  • A BAFTA member,
  • Founder of, described as having a ‘virtual monopoly… on the concept of global cinema’ by MovieMaker Magazine,
  • A collaborator with multi-award-winning directors, and,
  • In 2020 he completed a DOCTORATE on why films succeed and fail. He has a unique insight, based on thousands of case studies, on the key replicable elements which make a film succeed.

Here is more about the source of the resources and mentoring you’ll be receiving – WriteMovies Academy.

Welcome to WriteMovies Academy! Wherever you’ve reached in your journey as a writer, screenwriter or producer, our unique virtual film school will take you to new heights and place you closer to the real industry than film schools – for a fraction of the price. Our course gives you exclusive insights and input into your projects from Hollywood writing experts, with approaches and tools and insights that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Academy sessions have already received much acclaim, all of which we publish here, with an overall user rating of over 9/10 across all Phases! For example, our first 53 user feedback reports gave the quality of the Mini-Masterclass presenters a 93% rating, the presentation media and resources a 91% rating, the presentation content an 89% rating, the activities an 89% rating – and meanwhile their own confidence in the subjects covered leapt 18.5% and their confidence in their own projects leapt 17% – per Phase of the course!

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Academy Lite is designed to be flexible and easy to build into your normal routines, or to build a new routine around (especially if you’re currently living under lockdown). It also integrates with our 100-Day Creative Challenge, adding bonus resources and activities every day, and then continues the same momentum afterwards. Sign up using the form on the right! Any queries or issues, just email!

Once payment is received, we’ll send a confirmation and preparatory information, and then we’ll get you going on the Academy Lite at the beginning of the following week!

Join our Academy Lite now for only $125 a month for a limited time… all currencies supported.

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    Promoting great global storytelling since 1999.

    Since we were established in Hollywood in 1999 we’ve been the company who help you choose the best scripts and projects, develop them to their fulfil their potential, and get them sold and produced, with two Oscar-nominated writers among our notable success stories. Our acclaimed services and contests mirror how your script will fare in the industry right now.

    WriteMovies in Hollywood

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