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WriteMovies Monthly Competition (currently closed)

Monthly Contest (WMCm)

**PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COMPETITION IS CLOSED UNTIL AT LEAST JANUARY 2017 due to scheduling clashes – entries received are being provided with free entry to our main contest, representing a discount on the current entry price, and a new FEATURED SCRIPT OF THE MONTH (free to all submissions we receive) is being provided in place of the contest.**

Our regular Monthly Competition ($200 prize) has been the quickest and most direct way to find out your script’s potential, win our prizes and backing to push your career to the next level, which can involve us submitting your pitch and script to our selection of 500+ industry contacts and 400+ industry talent agents. Each winner receives the cash prize PLUS a year of free script development from us on all your rewrites of the winning script, worth over $3000. Screenplays, teleplays and pilot scripts are all welcomed. (**You can make direct payments by credit or debit card – let us know if you encounter any issues while making payment (john ATwritemovies DOTcom) and we will address these for you.**)

CLICK HERE to find out about the results and winners of this competition, all of whose scripts we’ve been delighted to champion.

With two cycles of our main competition clashing almost directly with the deadline dates of our Monthly Contest, we’ve decided to delay relaunching our Monthly Contest again until at least January 2017. Anyone who has submitted to our Monthly contest since the start of August will be offered a free entry to the main contest (representing a significant discount on its current entry price), which currently closes at the same time as the September competition would have done anyway!

In place of the Monthly Contest, we’d like to introduce our new FEATURED SCRIPT OF THE MONTH. This prize – for which all submissions to our contests are automatically entered for free – is awarded to the most interesting script we process during that month. The winner receives free Judging Feedback worth $99 plus a free resubmission for their redrafted script to whichever contest it has entered! On top of that, we will give the writer and script the kind of publicity that our previous Monthly Contest winners have received. Not a bad bonus to be offering all of our entrants for free! Right?

Congratulations once again to everyone who has won, or otherwise benefited, from the Monthly contest so far: we’ve been delighted with the standard of the best entries. We hope you’ll agree that the enhanced competition cycles and writer development of the FEATURED SCRIPT OF THE MONTH will be a great – and free – substitute for the opportunity you’ve benefited from so far.

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