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Our Ladder to Success for Screenwriters!

Our Ladder to Success for Screenwriters!

Take your career to the next level by climbing our Ladder to Success for Screenwriters!

We’ve launched our Ladder to Success for Screenwriters. Whatever your skills and success, you can climb our ladder to progress your career to the next level!

With 25 years of success since WriteMovies was first launched, we’ve got a great foundation for building writers’ careers at WriteMovies, and a new model for helping you to the next level in 2024! WriteMovies is built on our founder’s unique industry expertise and contacts and our Director’s extensive industry and business experience and grassroots contacts.

Mastering Professional Screenwriting and Pitching course

On February 29th (11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT) we’re launching the first of many online courses from WriteMovies Academy where you can master professional screenwriting and pitching! In this first online workshop, we’ll dive into crafting compelling Concepts and Themes for film and television. The cost is $30 per session or $150 for the full 6-part course: Concept and Theme (Thursday February 29th), Development and Outlining (March 28th), The First Draft (April 25th), The Second Draft (May 30th), Pitching and Promoting (June 27th), That’s a Wrap (July 25th)! Purchase tickets here:

Contests, Mentoring and Development

With our Anytime Entry service, you can enter your script at any time for just $45 and receive:

  • An analysis of the crucial first ten pages of your script, focusing on its key strengths and weaknesses.
  • A writer evaluation, where our analyst considers its potential for our representation and pitching to industry (guaranteed to all writers who earn a Recommended rating!).
  • Free entry to any relevant contest we open this year – which can also be for your next draft, if your writer evaluation gains a Consider or Recommend!

Or you can inform your next steps as a writer by entering for a WriteMovies Studio Consulting Report, Development Notes or get Script Consultancy Services direct from Dr. Alex Ross! Wherever you are in your screenwriting career, we can take you to the next level as you climb our Ladder to Success!

Recognition, Awards & Talent Management, Pitching & Dealmaking, Production & Distribution… all building global audiences and enduring careers!

We’re looking forward to showing you more examples of how we build recognition for our winners and pitch them to industry in the coming weeks… watch this space!



Resuming pitching: what we’re doing for our winners right now

Resuming pitching: what we’re doing for our winners right now

Our Development Notes have been getting our winners ready for industry.

Major wins for all writers this month with the WGA and AMPTP reaching a tentative deal expected to end the strike, and meeting many of the WGA’s demands! For a breakdown of the deal, see the WGA’s Summary of the 2023 WGA MBA. And thanks to this, we’re resuming pitching and relishing it!

With the strike coming to a close, we are thrilled to soon resume pitching our winning scripts from the last contest cycle! Polished through a cycle of incisive WriteMovies development notes and exciting rewrites by our wonderful writers, we are ready to cast a wide net in pitching these stories to studios, producers, and financiers. We have been researching a wide variety, from big names to indie powerhouses, to contact with our pitches and strategically crafted one-sheets when the time is right. And that time is near!

Maintaining relationships with our winning writers, our team has offered their analysis and insight on numerous drafts, in order to make these scripts as compelling as they can be and ensure they pop off the page for potential producers. As we reach the climactic pitching preparations for our last contest cycle, we are also ramping up on a new screenwriting contest that is currently accepting submissions. Resuming pitching is an exciting time for all of us and we’d love you to be a part of it too…

Have you written your next (or first!) masterpiece but you’re not sure how to get it off the ground? Need the motivation to finally finish a story you’ve been yearning to tell? Get your script in before the submission window closes! A contest submission guarantees your script is getting out in the world and getting read by a panel of analysts and industry judges. Winners will receive development notes and the full pitching force of For all entrants, we guarantee feedback on your first 10 pages, and you may opt-in for full-on development notes as well. We look forward to reading your stories! (And, hopefully, one day, watching them on the big screen!)

See our current contests here!

Script Consultancy Services direct from Alex Ross!

Script Consultancy Services direct from Alex Ross!

Have your scripts, books, articles mentored direct from Alex Ross with!


Dr. Alex Rossdr alex ross mentor profile

Over twenty years in the Hollywood film industry working with and for the studios as agent, manager, and producer. “I ran close to 7000 pitch meetings, most with the studio heads of production. Worked with several Academy nominees and discovered two.

​One of the very few film industry professionals with a research background.  I recently completed a Ph.D. looking at how production companies turn their scripts into blockbusters. Eight years of research, interviewing hundreds of filmmakers. If I cannot make you succeed, no one can.

I am a member of the British Film Academy (BAFTA) as well as an expert consultant to the European Union’s EACA program, which I advise on which film projects to invest in.”


Example Development Notes: DANCES WITH WOLVES Script

Example Development Notes: DANCES WITH WOLVES Script

Example Development Notes: top-quality, constructive feedback on the DANCES WITH WOLVES script.

WriteMovies Insights: Ian Kennedy Director of Worldwide Development

“The Western may be a genre that has come in and out of fashion over the years, but this is a story that transcends it and speaks to our humanity.” Extracts from a script report by our Director of World Wide Development Ian Kennedy from his initial work with us, based on the DANCES WITH WOLVES script. The script is hosted at The Daily Script. (more…)

Focus On: Development Notes – In-Depth Script Analysis and Feedback

Focus On: Development Notes – In-Depth Script Analysis and Feedback

Development Notes

There’s no point anyone spending six months, two years, $80m or more on a script that has avoidable flaws. We all miss things in our own work that only an experienced professional can spot and help you rectify. If you put any value on the time and effort that your scripts require, then make the most of our other Summer Consultancy offers to take your writing and script to the next level.


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