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WriteMovies Online Screenwriting Academy: SetSo you want to become a professional screenwriter? You are brimming with ideas, but don’t have the craft or the support system to get there. At whatever stage of your odyssey, we can help you succeed. Not only that, if your work receives a “distinction”, we will recommend it to several agents and producers. So it is a win-win option for you. You can sign up for any stage and complete it in your time. You will only ever have to pay for one stage at a time and if you need to take a couple of months off for work, there are no penalties and we will always be there for you. Unlike brick and mortar film schools, we will not waste your time or money and we will always tell you the truth. Why are we so sure we can provide you with a better program? Alex Ross, the head of the company, has spent years lecturing at Film Schools all over the world, from UCLA to the London International Film School. He knows what goes on behind the scenes, what works and what does not.

Select the stage you are at to get started:

  • ScriptI have one or more script ideas that I would like to pitch to an expert producer to better assess the potential of my idea. READ MORE
  • I have a synopsis that I need feedback on to a) assess their potential b) help me ace them so that I can further develop it into a structurally and conceptually sound screenplay. READ MORE
  • I have a full treatment (up to 65 pages) and need constructive feedback to help me address any and all issues before going to script. READ MORE
  • I have a first/second draft of a script and need studio coverage from professional script readers for an unbiased assessment. READ MORE
  • Pitch I have a first/second draft of a script and need a detailed consult from a trained industry professional to help me maximize the chance of selling it. READ MORE
  • I have a final draft and want feedback (email or phone) from a working Hollywood producer with major credits before sending it out, as I know I only get one shot and that prod. companies rarely re-read a script after a pass. READ MORE
  • DirI have no idea what to do next and would like to consult one of your tutors to devise a tailor made study plan for me. READ MORE

-At whatever stage you are, we provide all of our students with great online support which includes a reading list of the books that the industry actually uses, hot tips on what is going and how to break into the game, as well as a copy of the Studio Manual which is a crucial and very detailed document outlining the process studios and production companies use to assess scripts, novels and plays, so you can be a step ahead of them. Stop talking about it, do it! Remember: You either have or are about to invest months of your life on a script in the hope that it will sell. There is nothing sadder or more defeating than a script that has not sold. You owe to yourself to give your script the best possible chance of getting made. We provide that to you. For a few cents for every hour of your life you have or are about to invest, we will provide you with not only a safety net, but a support system that will always be there for you. You cannot make it on your own, the odds are totally against you. Let us help you: THIS IS WHO WE AREPEOPLE WE HAVE HELPEDFEEDBACK.   Don’t blow $100,000 to go to film school and be taught by “has beens”. We can teach you to become a professional screenwriter for a $1000 and you will be taught by successful working professionals! Choose your path based on your own personal situation and WriteMovies will cater a specific plan of action to take your script or idea to the next level.