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If you want to submit to one of our Grand Prize Contests, the window of opportunity is closing fast. The deadline for our Spring Contest is this Sunday, June 6th, and this will also be your last chance to submit to one of our Grand Prize Contests THIS YEAR!

We extended the deadline for this competition, giving you extra time to polish off your scripts and submit, but there won’t be any more chances after this. We also won’t be running another of these contests this year, making this your last opportunity for a while to win our Grand Prize of $3500.

The top three scripts also all receive:

  • A year of free script development worth up to $3200
  • Guaranteed pitching to industry
  • An invitation to a lunch with an industry executive in L.A.
  • Exclusive listing from InkTip

We’re really excited for what the future holds for the movie industry, with the pandemic looking like it’s finally coming to an end and new opportunities opening up. WriteMovies will be hard at work engaging with industry and pitching our winners, but if you want to be one of those winners, you’d better move fast!

The final deadline for the Spring Contest and the whole year is this Sunday, June 6th. Click here to find out more and submit!

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