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Want to know what producers want from writers? You’re in luck – that’s exactly what WriteMovies’ Director Ian Kennedy is going to be discussing in a new online session on May 13th. Find out how to work with industry decision-makers and succeed as a professional screenwriter!

Ian Kennedy, WriteMovies DirectorSince 2002, hundreds of writers have taken their script to the next level with the help of Ian Kennedy. His work as Director of WriteMovies has seen him provide mentoring to winners and engage with the best of the industry, pitching scripts to top producers and execs.

Now, you can benefit from his expertise too. On May 13th, he’ll be sharing his advice, insights, and experience when it comes to what producers and commissioners really want from screenwriters – and what it therefore takes to be a successful screenwriter – in an online session via Zoom.

You’ll also get the chance to ask him targeted questions through a Q&A session after the presentation, giving you the exact answers you need for both your script and your career.

What Producers Want from Writers – May 13th. Click here to find out more and book your place!

You will learn:

  • Coming up with a concept that producers can’t ignore
  • Which elements of a script matter most to executives
  • The commercial aspect of a script
  • Why the first 10 pages are the most important
  • The dos and don’ts of approaching producers
  • How to work with producers and establish a strong working relationship

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