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Recent Script Sales from 2020 – the latest news

Productions might have had to shut down because of the current pandemic, but moves are still being made in the world of screenwriting for when the world restarts. Here’s our pick of the news from recent script sales from 2020 reported by Script Pipeline.

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  • Spec scripts that have been sold include crime thriller MURDER IN THE WHITE HOUSE, supernatural western THE PINKERTON, and the brilliantly named sci-fi comedy THE ALIENS ARE STEALING OUR WEED, which is set to star Gina Rodriguez.
  • A Whitney Houston biopic has been picked up by Primary Wave and Muse of Fire Productions. Its writer, Anthony McCarten, has lots of experience with biopics, having also penned THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, DARKEST HOUR, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, and THE TWO POPES.
  • Disney will continue their live-action remakes of animated classics with HERCULES. David Callaham (THE EXPENDABLES, WONDER WOMAN 1984) is set to write and the Russo brothers (AVENGERS: ENDGAME) will produce.
  • And if that weren’t enough, the live-action ALADDIN is set to get a sequel. While the lead actors are expected to return, John August and Guy Ritchie have been replaced as writers by John Gatins and Andrea Berloff.
  • The CREED franchise is getting a third instalment, currently set to be written by Zach Baylin. Michael B. Jordan will return in the lead role.

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September/October Script Sales – Pirates of the Caribbean, Inspector Gadget, and more…

September/October Script Sales – Pirates of the Caribbean, Inspector Gadget, and more…

The number of reboots and remakes continues to climb, as can be seen from both the September and October script sales as reported by Script Pipeline… And there are a few other interesting things to note.

  • After a great start, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN hasn’t done so well in recent years. Disney are now planning a reboot of the series, with original writer Ted Elliott being joined by CHERNOBYL creator Craig Mazin as they seek to develop a new story, reportedly without Jack Sparrow.
  • It might not have the same box office draw, but another Disney franchise getting a reboot is INSPECTOR GADGET. SNL writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell are attached.
  • And if you’re already getting sick of remakes, unfortunately we’ve got another one for you. Paramount has started work on a new version of FACE/OFF, the 1997 action thriller that was directed by John Woo.
  • THE PRESENT seems like a script that shows there’s new potential even in old concepts. Despite similarities to GROUNDHOG DAY, it puts a new twist on the story – just as HAPPY DEATH DAY did – by having a young boy repeatedly relive the day his parents broke up and trying to prevent it.
  • Bret McKenzie of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS won an Oscar for 2011’s THE MUPPETS, and now he’s returning to the Jim Henson company once again. He’ll be writing the script and music for EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS.

Click here if you’d like to see the full Script Pipeline report for September, or click here for October. And if you think you’ve got a script more original than anything you see here, get it into our hands by submitting to one of our contests here!

June 2019 Script Sales – Django and Zorro to team up on screen!

June 2019 Script Sales – Django and Zorro to team up on screen!

June saw some interesting script sales as reported by Script Pipeline, with a number of famous franchises making their way to the screen for the first time – and what might seem like an unlikely teamup… Here’s what grabbed our attention!

  • Two legendary heroes unite! Quentin Tarantino and Jerrod Carmichael will be writing the script for DJANGO/ZORRO. Originally a comic book sequel to DJANGO UNCHAINED, there’s no word yet on when the movie might come out or who would be in it… But our interest is definitely piqued!
  • There’s also going to be a spinoff for EASY A, the 2010 comedy that established Emma Stone as a movie star. Burt V. Royal is set to write and direct, having also written the screenplay for the original film.
  • New Line Cinema are looking to bring HELLO KITTY to the screen, with Lindsey Beer attached as writer. How well this will do in the west remains to be seen – but there’s a good chance that it will be a big hit in Hello Kitty’s homeland of Japan.
  • Another franchise looking to make the jump to the big screen is the wildly successful video game MINECRAFT. There may not have been any great video game adaptations so far, but we’d bet that this could appeal more to kids and family audiences and so potentially do well at the box office. And who knows? If they style it in the same way as THE LEGO MOVIE (which we thought was awesome), it could be a surprise hit…

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