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Pitch: Internal Security – Another award winner from WriteMovies that has been developed with our input since becoming a winner with us.

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About Internal Security by Stefan Alexander:

This is the near future. Since the war in Ukraine and the war in Gaza, not only the West and Russia have been engaged in a new Cold War, but also Islamic terrorism is rising. Right-wing populist movements are coming to power all over Europe. Germany is the focus of attention as last beacon of democracy. Until now.

Tensions are high across Germany; a right-wing populist faction led by Interior Minister Jörg von Stahl has placed itself at the center of public discourse, and a wave of bloody Islamic extremism is causing panic.

Ina Schmidt sees past the fear and rhetoric, but she feels powerless to stop it. Her reputation as an investigative and influential journalist has been sullied by a story gone badly wrong. She still carries the guilt and contempt for her country it has burdened her with – even as her Father is killed in a terrorist attack, she sees no reason to sacrifice the little that remains in her life to help.

Her past comrades, still remember her fondly. Bernd Muller for one, an-ex love and operative of the intelligence services, who helps her following a trail of duplicitous disappearances from refugee camps around the country.

With Bernd’s help, Ina trawls over the evidence he’s amassed and uncovers a shattering truth. The radical political movement on the rise owes their popularity and considerable resources to a foreign backer. Their power and influence extends far beyond a protest march. These acts of terrorism plaguing the nation are in fact their handiwork, using the fear they create to further their own cause.

With the security and government institution’s around them evidently compromised Ina and Bernd find themselves alone, trying to prove and publicize their discovery, in a race against the rising popularity of fascists.

But their meddling puts them in the cross hairs of the shadowy forces at play. Bernd is kidnapped as a former colleague and informant is killed. Fearing for her own life Ina must outrun the security forces that pursue her.

Cut off and afraid, can Ina find and free her only accomplice? Can the evidence they’ve collected show the world the truth behind a wicked new regime? Or will their rise to power continue – is it possible they’re just too late?

Timely and thought-provoking, INTERNAL SECURITY challenges audiences with a plausible and terrifying future where a new Cold War challenges the West. It combines the ingenious political gamesmanship of The Post and Argo, with the lighting fast action beats and thrilling suspense of The Bourne Identity. Berlin’s answer to Atomic Blonde with world changing consequences.

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