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Our unique 100-Day Creative Challenge is a simple daily structure to help you all keep positive, focused and successful – compiled from our acclaimed WriteMovies Academy, to help you all build and grow momentum every day!

The Challenges get you creating whatever suits you – useful notes, sketches, scripts – while growing in a core aspect of writing every day. Sharing your activity on social media (or directly to us for mentoring, through our new Academy Lite service) can also keep you connected and mutually supported. See WHY we’re doing this here, and also how to build a new PLAN and routine that will get you through the lockdown in the best way possible, for everyone’s sake.

The core of the 100-Day Creative Challenge is:

  • A daily prompt to fulfil a short daily routine that will keep you positive, motivated and progressing
  • A 30 minute task to achieve this, which includes:
  • 20 minutes spent either writing, making sketches or notes, based on a short and simple prompt
  • 10 minutes of reflection and sharing from the activity you’ve done, to recognize what it has taught you about yourself and your writing, and get peer support via social media, or by submitting to us at WriteMovies.
  • The momentum and stimulation to carry forward into the rest of your day – hopefully enabling you to be creative, productive, focused and successful every day through the lockdown and beyond.

We’re giving all of the 100-Day Creative Challenges away FREE, and we can also directly feed back and mentor you daily for under $5 a day through our new Academy Lite service (click HERE to find out more). WYou can start and finish whenever you like. Completing the CC successfully can inspire the rest of your day, especially at the start of your working day (or commuting time!), but you can do it anytime.

Below is an index of all the CCs. Make a commitment to the WriteMovies 100-Day Creative Challenge today, and feel the benefit every day afterwards! Click on the image below on the right, for an example of a bonus Creative Challenge you can do right now – why not try it and see what you learn about yourself, your writing and this aspect of writing? See our Feedback on the activity underneath it, once you’re done!

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  1. #100DayCC1 – Your Identities
  2. #100DayCC2 – Identities and Roles
  3. #100DayCC3 – What makes Characters interesting
  4. #100DayCC4 – Gaps in Characters’ Perceptions
  5. #100DayCC5 – Favorite Identities
  6. #100DayCC6 – Defining Yourself and your Writing
  7. #100DayCC7 – Producing our Writing
  8. #100DayCC8 – The Production of Screenwriting
  9. #100DayCC9 – Managing Productions
  10. #100DayCC10 – Introducing yourself to others as a writer
  11. #100DayCC11 – The Needs of a Film or TV Producer
  12. #100DayCC12 – The Life of a Film or TV Producer
  13. #100DayCC13 – The Business of Film and TV Production
  14. #100DayCC14 – Production Scheduling Calendars
  15. #100DayCC15 – Commercial Viability in the Entertainment Industry
  16. #100DayCC16 – The Profit Motive for Producers
  17. #100DayCC17 – Profitability in film production
  18. #100DayCC18 – How producers and commissioners manage risks in their project selections
  19. #100DayCC19 – On-set risks, hazards and costs in film, TV and video production
  20. #100DayCC20 – How to work with top talent, and what they need or demand from you
  21. #100DayCC21 – Ways producers can reduce the risks of their productions
  22. #100DayCC22 – Career moves for star actors
  23. #100DayCC23 – TV show formats
  24. #100DayCC24 – Reinventing writing formats
  25. #100DayCC25 – How our hopes and fears can be turned into compelling stories
  26. #100DayCC26 – The ‘brand’ of top directors
  27. #100DayCC27 – Audience demographics
  28. #100DayCC28 – The most profitable cinema audience demographics
  29. #100DayCC29 – Older audiences for cinema, TV and streaming services
  30. #100DayCC30 – Attaching talent to your production
  31. #100DayCC31 – Franchises in the entertainment industry
  32. #100DayCC32 – TV show ‘formulas’
  33. #100DayCC33 – The award system for films and TV shows
  34. #100DayCC34 – ‘Cultural real estate’ for writers
  35. #100DayCC35 – Playing with expectations
  36. #100DayCC36 – The different aspects of storytelling that can be found in any successful story
  37. #100DayCC37 – Formatting in writing
  38. #100DayCC38 – Genre in writing
  39. #100DayCC39 – Characters in writing
  40. #100DayCC40 – Voice in writing
  41. #100DayCC41 – The interconnected roles of different characters in writing
  42. #100DayCC42 – Tone in writing
  43. #100DayCC43 – Style in writing
  44. #100DayCC44 – Settings in writing
  45. #100DayCC45 – ‘Story worlds’ in writing
  46. #100DayCC46 – Point of view in writing
  47. #100DayCC47 – Exploring issues in writing
  48. #100DayCC48 – Subject matter in writing
  49. #100DayCC49 – Themes in writing
  50. #100DayCC50 – Teaching and learning through storytelling
  51. #100DayCC51-100 – Available on request if you’ve finished the others! Email showing the work you’ve done so far.

Share the experience for mutual support!

While you plan and participate, we recommend that if you’re a social media user, you also SHARE about what you’re doing: that way you can inspire and connect to others, enjoy shared experiences and support each other, which are so important during the global lockdowns when normal social contact and work are so restricted. See below for how to share on your social media!

Get expert daily mentoring!

And, if you’d like to extend your daily Creative Challenge, consider subscribing to our Academy Lite! For just $99 a month – previously $750 per Phase within our acclaimed Academy! – we can send you a daily series of guides and activities with your Creative Challenge, and a personal mentoring feedback in response to the outcomes you’ve sent to us. You can subscribe for as few months as you choose: just end the subscription to opt out. CLICK HERE to find out more…

Share the experience for mutual support!

While you plan and participate, we recommend that if you’re a social media user, you also SHARE about what you’re doing: that way you can inspire and connect to others, enjoy shared experiences and support each other, which are so important during the global lockdowns when normal social contact and work are so restricted. Here’s how!


Use our hashtag #100DayCC on your social media!

And when you undertake a specific day’s Challenge, add the number of the challenge to the hashtag, so you can use it to see what other people have said about the same challenge! For example Day 13 would be #100DayCC13. This can allow you to come back to discussions around the same activity days, weeks and months later and compare your experiences to what others found when they did the same activity.

Use these messages!

Here are some tweets and Facebook postings you can copy and use in your social media and adapt however you like!

  • I’m taking on the @WriteMovies #100DayCC, a hundred days of #writing and #screenwriting Creative Challenges I’m starting on [YOUR START DATE]! Why not join me so we can share your experiences and support each other? [SHORTLINK TO WRM CC PAGE]

Then you can also add the number of the Creative Challenge you’re doing, to share your daily outcomes:

  • About to do #100DayCC1 in 15 minutes! Join me! Here’s where to find it: [LINK TO THE CC ON OUR WEBSITE] #100DayCC
  • I’ve just completed #100DayCC1! First of a hundred daily Creative Challenges set by @WriteMovies. Join me and share your experience of it at the same hashtag! [LINK TO THE CC ON OUR WEBSITE] #100DayCC
  • Just finished #100DayCC2 by @WriteMovies! Daily Creative Challenges to keep me positive, inspired, and progressing every day. Join me and share your experiences! [LINK TO THE CC ON OUR WEBSITE] #100DayCC
  • Day 13/100 of #100DayCC – here’s what I’ve created! Very quickly drafted in just 20 minutes, so I’m not gonna be precious about it, but all feedback welcome! #100DayCC13

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