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Script Mentoring


If you’re looking for guidance about your script’s prospects or wondering where to take your script next, take advantage of our Script Mentoring packages to take your writing and script to the next level…

WriteMovies studio quality support for writers

For a 3-page summary of your script’s current standing in the marketplace, our Judging Feedback is available for just $119. To see how a studio analyst would appraise your script for studios, directors and producers, our Studio Coverage is just $149. To get studio-quality script enhancement guidance, our Development Notes are just $224. To get the real deal, our Elite Mentoring are $499 – a unique price to get up to an hour of mentoring from a top studio executive!


Why would you need Script Mentoring?

Well, because it is impossible to nail a script without serious professional feedback. Yes, you can circulate it amongst non-pros for free and they will love it (they like every script), leaving you to wonder what went wrong, when your script is turned down by every company in town. WriteMovies has a highly experienced team who have turned many writers and scripts into success stories, ready and waiting to help you ace your re-write. Life is too short, money too hard to make: why waste six months, two years, $80m on a script that had avoidable flaws? Don’t waste your time either on the hype of some unemployed development flunkey with a great site. We wouldn’t be around for nearly 20 years if we did not do script consultancy right. Check out what you have been saying about us since 1999 – CLICK HERE. Trust our mentoring experts, among them producers and studio executives responsible for hits like Shakespeare in Love, Scarface, Rainman, Father of the Bride and Narc.

For Producers, develop your project, your script, your business plan and your pitch – and get your project on the desk of Hollywood decision makers! Make it happen with our packages for Producers by experienced Hollywood experts! Let’s Go: CLICK HERE.

For Writers, develop your script, see how it would really be assessed by decision makers, get your Script produced for the big screen! Prepare it perfectly to succeed, on the one shot you will get, with our packages for Writers! Let’s Go: CLICK HERE.