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2023 Writing Contest – Winners and Honorable Mentions Announced!

Meet our 2023 Grand Prize Winner: Zack Kahn, writer of CURVEBALL

Become the next Grand Prize Winner we pitch to the industry

We love working with a wide range of talented writers and taking their work out to the industry – if you’d like us to do the same for you, enter any of our current contests now! The final deadline is November 12th. To introduce you to last year’s Grand Prize Winner Zack Kahn, writer of CURVEBALL, and the work we’ve done with him to ready it for pitching, read on!

Zack KahnZack Kahn was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and attended NYU Tisch Film School.

He started his career as a writer/director/producer at Nickelodeon and has since written for film, TV and promos with a focus on thriller/horror and comedy. He is also an actor that has appeared in numerous commercials.

Kahn has placed in Writemovies’ contest with 3 previous entries. “Curveball,” a high-concept thriller, is his first Grand Prize win.

Zack says: “Writemovies’ several rounds of development notes have been extremely insightful and helpful in enhancing the script and I’m eager for their team to expose the project to the appropriate eyeballs and ultimately facilitate production at the best possible home for this unique story.”

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