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Our Ladder to Success for Screenwriters!

Our Ladder to Success for Screenwriters!

Take your career to the next level by climbing our Ladder to Success for Screenwriters!

We’ve launched our Ladder to Success for Screenwriters. Whatever your skills and success, you can climb our ladder to progress your career to the next level!

With 25 years of success since WriteMovies was first launched, we’ve got a great foundation for building writers’ careers at WriteMovies, and a new model for helping you to the next level in 2024! WriteMovies is built on our founder’s unique industry expertise and contacts and our Director’s extensive industry and business experience and grassroots contacts.

Mastering Professional Screenwriting and Pitching course

On February 29th (11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT) we’re launching the first of many online courses from WriteMovies Academy where you can master professional screenwriting and pitching! In this first online workshop, we’ll dive into crafting compelling Concepts and Themes for film and television. The cost is $30 per session or $150 for the full 6-part course: Concept and Theme (Thursday February 29th), Development and Outlining (March 28th), The First Draft (April 25th), The Second Draft (May 30th), Pitching and Promoting (June 27th), That’s a Wrap (July 25th)! Purchase tickets here:

Contests, Mentoring and Development

With our Anytime Entry service, you can enter your script at any time for just $45 and receive:

  • An analysis of the crucial first ten pages of your script, focusing on its key strengths and weaknesses.
  • A writer evaluation, where our analyst considers its potential for our representation and pitching to industry (guaranteed to all writers who earn a Recommended rating!).
  • Free entry to any relevant contest we open this year – which can also be for your next draft, if your writer evaluation gains a Consider or Recommend!

Or you can inform your next steps as a writer by entering for a WriteMovies Studio Consulting Report, Development Notes or get Script Consultancy Services direct from Dr. Alex Ross! Wherever you are in your screenwriting career, we can take you to the next level as you climb our Ladder to Success!

Recognition, Awards & Talent Management, Pitching & Dealmaking, Production & Distribution… all building global audiences and enduring careers!

We’re looking forward to showing you more examples of how we build recognition for our winners and pitch them to industry in the coming weeks… watch this space!



So this is it… Last chance for our Grand Prize and $25 for 2024!

So this is it… Last chance for our Grand Prize and $25 for 2024!

We’re doing things differently next year – so don’t miss out on our final Grand Prize!

We hope you’ve had a fine Thanksgiving this year, and as ever we’ve much to be grateful for. It’s been a long road and an exciting journey, but we’ve got new adventures ahead for our winners and ourselves in 2024 and this is your last chance to get in on the ride for guaranteed free script development and pitching to industry, plus $25 for 2024.

We’re not planning another Grand Prize contest to follow this one in any comparable format, so if getting developed and pitched by an accomplished team sounds good to you, then go for it! We’re even throwing in $25 towards any of our services in 2024 to everyone who enters this week – because we just love helping you towards your goals.

Don’t forget that we’ll have 5 lucky winners to take to industry next year, along with the ones who’ve been waiting due to the WGA strike. It’ll be an exciting roster to promote either way and we’re looking forward to being able to give it full attention early next year.

So get in on the act now in our final Grand Prize contest, with $3500 up for grabs as well as InkTip profiles and a year of development mentoring at our own expense… and $25 for 2024’s new-look WriteMovies services with all this Black Friday!

Enter now here…

Black Friday offers: $25 off all WriteMovies’ 2024 services, with any purchase made this week!

Black Friday offers: $25 off all WriteMovies’ 2024 services, with any purchase made this week!

$25 off all WriteMovies’ 2024 services, with any purchase made this week!

It’s the final chance to enter WriteMovies’ 2023 Screenwriting Contest this week, until the end of November 26th. You can commission a Mentoring service at the same time, for a studio-quality report on your script – Studio Coverage to show you what a studio analyst would report about your script to execs, or Development Notes to help you nail your next redraft and fulfil your script’s potential.

But what’s more, all this week, until the close of our 2023 Screenwriting Contest on Sunday 26th November, EVERY entry will be given a voucher code for a $25 discount off their first purchase with WriteMovies in 2024.

The next time you buy any service or contest entry from WriteMovies, quote your voucher code to WriteMovies (in your email to and we’ll refund you $25!


Click to Enter!!

BLOCKBUSTED! Exclusive discount for WriteMovies subscribers!

BLOCKBUSTED! Exclusive discount for WriteMovies subscribers!

30% off for all WriteMovies newsletter subscribers!

This ground-breaking new book shows how Hollywood developed its ‘calculated blockbuster’ and created a replicable model for success which all industry professionals can use to their advantage. Packed with insights and unheard stories from the massive films of the past and today through an industry insider’s perspective, it’s a must-read for screenwriters, producers and anyone with a passion for the movies over recent decades.

The book is published here in hardback ($110) and eBook ($45) formats:’s-Calculated-Blockbuster-Films-Blockbusted

An exclusive 30% discount is available to all WriteMovies subscribers. It’s easy to get the discount – just directly email to request the promo code!

To subscribe check the menus at the bottom of the page.

Cover Image

About Alexander Ross and BLOCKBUSTED…

Dr. Alexander Ross launched his journey into filmmaking, as an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge, by watching a lot more films at the Arts Cinema than attending lectures. On graduating, he was hired by Ismail Merchant (Merchant/Ivory Productions) to work on a film as assistant director.

Ross later went to Los Angeles, working for MGM Studios as a story analyst. With a keen eye for spotting scripts with great winning potential, he was hired by a literary agency based in Beverly Hills. Sifting through the pile of rejections, he noticed a script by a then unknown Quentin Tarantino, as well as one by Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show). The discoveries gave his career a major boost.

Several years later, Ross created his own management company, helped to finance a number of films, produced a romcom (which he sold to Warner Bros.), founded, ran more than 5,000 pitch meetings at the studios, (mainly with the heads of production), became an expert consultant to the European Union: Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), as well as to several hedge funds and family offices looking to invest in motion pictures. With his deep reservoir of knowledge about Hollywood’s inner sanctum, he decided to write about his experiences and so headed back to the UK to do a PhD. His first major publication came in the 2019 anthology on the film Grease: “Grease is the Word”.

Now, “The Evolution of Hollywood’s Calculated Blockbuster Films: Blockbusted” is his most extensive probe into Hollywood’s most dynamic era. It is the first contemporary book to delve deep into the studio process behind the making of some of the defining modern blockbusters of the 1970s and 1980s, by engaging directly with many of the leading executives who run Hollywood.

The book investigates William Goldman’s “Nobody knows anything” contention which suggests that every film the studios make is a colossal gamble. Over eight years of research, which included dozens of interviews with leading filmmakers and leading film academics, revealed that not only do the studios know exactly what they are doing, but by using replicable key markers of success, they have radically reduced the risk in film investment and significantly increased their multi-platform revenue streams.blockbusted by dr alex ross

This book is intended not just for scholars, undergraduates and post-graduates, but also for the fans of The Godfather, Jaws, Star Wars, E.T., Back to the Future etc. who want to find out what really made those films work. It also provides budding screenwriters, directors, producers, agents and studio executives with the keys to the kingdom.

The book shows specific, detailed instructions on how to make highly successful movies, repeatedly.


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