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Introducing: the New Generation view at WriteMovies!

Introducing: the New Generation view at WriteMovies!

At WriteMovies we’ve always been promoting new talent to the international entertainment industry. Our services create a ladder to help new entrants work their way right up to the top – from learning how to imagine, plan and write, all the way to getting pitched to the top of the industry, produced and distributed.

And now we’re going one step further to help new talent – by bringing the new generation directly into our business operations, decision making and marketing.

Meet Jake Morgan. He’s a fresh voice with a passion for great movies and great TV. He’s 18 and one of the millions of young people whose life opportunities have been cut down by the huge disruptions of the time we’re living in. He’s one of what many are calling a Lost Generation.

His generation are already becoming hugely influential on the industry we work in, through their use of social media and the ways they consume content. And now, he’s going to be sharing that generation’s perspective into the international entertainment industry every day, exclusively for WriteMovies. We’re really looking forward to working with him as we dynamize and reinvent our marketing and services in 2021.

Jake’s going to be writing a series of articles called The Lost Generation. Here, in his own words, is what it’s all about:

“In The Lost Generation series, I will look at the rebels, outcasts and relatable characters who have become icons to the younger generation and myself. From James Dean in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE to Matthew Broderick in FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, I look at the themes used to develop these characters and what makes them iconic to a younger audience. I’ll also break down the social and political climate in which these films were released, and try to discover what made them so successful.


What is the aim of this? Well, we all know writing a screenplay is challenging (the biggest understatement of the century!). However, one of the most daunting challenges is creating the right characters, which can very often make or break whether a film’s success. The largest movie-going audience is between the ages of 14-24. This means if your screenplay is produced and shown in movie theatres, the largest segment of a potential audience is probably in this age range. Each of these films I’ll look at in this series were either commercial or critical successes, whose target audience was young adults or teenagers.


This series gives insights to screenwriters into crafting their characters. I’ll analyse each of these films for how they develop their characters, study the themes the writer presents in the script, and advise writers of all ages on how to creatively engage with younger audiences.


As our Spring Contest continues, we look to pitch all of our winners to the industry. Producers are looking more than ever for scripts that would get the largest movie-going audience back into the seats with a large tub of popcorn. Could that be yours?”

Watch out for online interviews and masterclasses with industry experts, opportunities for young writers and filmmakers, and MUCH more. We’d like Jake’s appointment to be just the start of how we can support the new generation into the industry – the first of many to succeed through us in new ways in the new times ahead.

We want YOUR views too. Whatever your age, whatever your perspective on our industry, whatever your interests, we want you to be part of the conversation about what the industry needs to do to regenerate itself in these troubled times. We hope that Jake will be a big part of how we adapt to the changing world around us and that you enjoy joining us on the journey, on all our platforms!

Our lockdown recommendations for writers revisited, as our #100DayCC ends…

Our lockdown recommendations for writers revisited, as our #100DayCC ends…

Our lockdown-inspired 100-Day Creative Challenge has now come to an end, and we hope it’s given you some useful diversions, structure and new thoughts and insights! We’ll now meld the Challenges into new courses and materials, for example for our Academy Lite and Academy subscribers to help guide and structure their daily mentoring services: if you’d like our input from as little as $99pcm let us know! Don’t forget we’ve also been requesting you to let us know what career goals you have and what help you’ll need – results will be collated this week but you can still submit to the survey here!

As we’ve also been taking stock of our current projects and starting a new phase of outreach to industry, it’s a good time to look in more detail at my thoughts from the start of the crisis, and how they compare to how things have turned out. Here’s a point-by-point reassessment of what I recommended to writers then, and how all those things look now… (more…)

Dr. Alexander Ross – WriteMovies founder completes PhD!

Get Consultancy from our founder for just $99 – limited time offer!

Are you looking to get expert, in-depth feedback on your work? Our founder, Alex Ross (who remains a stakeholder in WriteMovies), is currently offering his consultancy services at massively discounted prices!

Studio Coverage from Alex himself currently costs just $99 (usually $179) and Development Notes cost just $199 (usually $379) for a limited time while slots are still available.

Our founder, Alex Ross

Trained in the story department of a major Hollywood studio, Alex has provided coverage on hundreds of scripts for top executives and worked as a literary agent representing Quentin Tarantino, Christopher De Vore (ELEPHANT MAN) and Mardik Martin (RAGING BULL). He discovered such writers as  Andrew Niccol (THE TRUMAN SHOW) and Iris Yamashita (LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA), produced the movie THE LIST, and is a member of BAFTA.

Click HERE to see the offers on his new website and find out about the other services he offers. We’ll also be sharing more updates of Alex’s work soon!

Our 100 Day Creative Challenge launches Monday 27th!

Our 100 Day Creative Challenge launches Monday 27th!

If you’re looking to keep inspired, progressing, and connecting throughout the current lockdowns, we’ve got the answer: the WriteMovies 100-Day Creative Challenge launches on Monday!

Our Director recently provided his thoughts about how writers should respond to the lockdowns, and the 100-Day Creative Challenge is our answer to that question – as well as how we plan to provide you with the best possible help in these difficult times.

We’ll be providing you with a daily prompt for a half-hour of creative activity to start your day, which will generate creative material and ideas you can take further, AND teach you something important about yourself as a writer, and about the key craft of writing, EVERY DAY – in a clear sequence of steps that will bring your skills and knowledge to a clear conclusion.

And don’t forget that the first deadline for both our Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2020 and Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest is fast approaching! You’ve got until Sunday May 3rd to enter at standard entry prices, so don’t miss out –  click here to submit your script as soon as possible!