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Thanks for your support for our contests, this year and always! Now our Spring Contest is closed, we’re focusing the rest of 2021 on adding new value for our entrants, winners and industry colleagues. That begins with a dynamic new series of online events, designed to help YOU stand out to the industry.

So many promising submissions never nail that all-important spark to make producers take that crucial next step forward – so now we want to ensure that YOU have it, from the start. We think that’s the most valuable thing we can do for you right now, as we judge our winners from the latest contest and plan how to successfully take them out to the industry!

WriteMovies is proud to be continuing our slate of online sessions this Thursday, June 10th, with this workshop on Killer Concepts – Generating Ideas for Your Scripts. Learn how to come up with a range of awesome concepts and get your writing off to the best possible start!

Your concept is the foundation of your script. Getting it right is crucial and can often be the key difference between success and failure as a screenwriter – but coming up with ideas can be a real challenge.

About Ian Kennedy - preview image

This online session will show you how you can generate ideas for your scripts quickly and easily. Learn directly from WriteMovies’ Director Ian Kennedy to come up with lots of great concepts, give yourself options and stoke your imagination, and develop your skills as a writer!

You will learn:

  • Ways to get ideas: a fun mix of suggestions and games
  • Developing your writing voice through concepts
  • Identifying the stories that already exist around you
  • How small changes to your concept can make a big difference
  • The advantages of adaptations and “cultural real estate”
  • Why generating lots of ideas is better than just one

Killer Concepts – Generating Ideas for Your Scripts takes place this Thursday, June 10th, at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / 8pm GMT. Click here to find out more and book your place now!

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