WriteMovies in 2023: Alex Ross announcements and online courses, and winners focus!

WriteMovies in 2023: Alex Ross announcements and online courses, and winners focus!

We’re pausing our contests to focus on a big year for our founder and recent winners.

Like many people and businesses, 2022 was a challenging year for us, with unexpected staffing changes and resultant delivery challenges. This left us with a bigger backlog of work than we anticipated, but coming into 2023 we’re ready and refocused for an exciting year for us, our founder Alex Ross, and our winners. Here are a few headlines of what to expect in 2023!

We’re pausing our contests while we focus on Alex’s news and on delivering great results in the industry for our 2022 winners and existing clients. You can still submit for our “Anytime Entry” to get a 10-page Analysis of your script and a free submission of your redraft to the next relevant WriteMovies contest. We will work personally with any existing submissions to help them get the most out of their entry.

write movies in 2023

Our consultancy services are now delivered directly by Alex Ross – literally the world’s most qualified person in why films succeed and fail! They still also come with a free contest entry. Check out the many packages and prices available here!

We have big announcements to make about Alex’s work and publications in 2023, including book news which all screenwriters will want to know about – watch this space in the coming weeks!

We’ll also be working with our winning writers and clients behind the scenes – and will be pitching them to industry soon! We’ll introduce them and their scripts on our website and newsletters for you soon.

We’ll also be turning Alex’s, and our own, lectures and insights into snappy online videos and online courses!


We’re really looking forward to this year – hope you are too!

Success Story: WriteMovies winner hired for script rewrite!

Success Story: WriteMovies winner hired for script rewrite!

Elizabeth Savage SullivanEarlier this week we reported how recent Grand Prize Winner Vanisha Renée Pierce earned multiple industry partnerships thanks to her win with WriteMovies, but she’s not alone: Elizabeth Savage Sullivan has also found success since her win!

Elizabeth was our Grand Prize Winner in Summer 2020 with her script THE BOY ON COVER, a powerful screenplay telling the story of photojournalists working in the war-torn Congo – and how their actions can change the course of both their own lives and the lives of their subjects.

Now, she’s also being rewarded for her work thanks to the prizes she received from WriteMovies for her win:

Elizabeth says:

“Since winning the WriteMovies Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest, I was hired by Dimlight Pictures to rewrite an exciting screenplay for a director-producer who found me on Inktip. This was one of the great prizes I received from WriteMovies for my Grand Prize win with The Boy on the Cover!

I also recently become a quarter finalist in Nicholl, 2021.”

Congratulations to Elizabeth Savage Sullivan for her continued successes, things are really shaping up for her! Contact talent@atalentscout.com today if you’d like to work with Elizabeth yourself or are interested in THE BOY ON THE COVER.

There’s more news to come about what our WriteMovies winners have been up to, not to mention our pitching work which we’ll report in our Industry Diary. Stay tuned for more updates!

WriteMovies winner earns multiple industry partnerships to get her work produced!

WriteMovies winner earns multiple industry partnerships to get her work produced!

It’s been an exciting summer for us and for many of our winners and partnerships in the industry. We’ve got several new success stories to share with you in the coming days and weeks as well as our Industry Diary updates, and we’re all set for another big pitching drive this Fall!

Vanisha Renee PierceFirst, an update about a multiple WriteMovies winner who’s got two exciting projects in development with us: thanks to a request from an Oscar-nominated director, Vanisha Renée Pierce is adapting WHEN IN ROHM from TV pilot to feature film (find out more about it in our interview with Vanisha on YouTube HERE), and we’re also pitching her latest WriteMovies winner EZEKIEL to industry in the coming days and weeks too.

But as if that wasn’t enough – here’s exciting news of other partnerships she’s involved with thanks to her wins with us:

Vanisha says:

“Hi Ian, WOW. All of this is super helpful and informative. Thanks so much! I super appreciate you!… Thanks so much for the updates, but most importantly, thanks a ton for all your wonderful feedback and support in my recent endeavors. I feel the excitement and enthusiasm, and it really lights a fire under me! 🙂

…Because of my contest win for WHEN IN ROHM and you giving me that sweet prize package… I JUST GOT HIRED TO DEVELOP AND WRITE AN INDIE SCI-FI TELEVISION SERIES!!

I actually landed TWO paid contracts: one for the sci-fi TV series and the other for developing pitches and treatments for 3 thriller features and 3 TV concepts, with some nice contractual bonuses thrown in there.

These, I hope, are just the first steps of many I hope to take in my writing career. It’s always been my dream to be a TV showrunner, and I’m very much on my way to getting there, all because of you!

I just wanted to thank you all so much for believing in me and in my work and for being my first champions in this industry. I so appreciate you, and now, whenever anyone asks about my origin story, you lovely guys at WriteMovies will always be a part of it.

Ok, back to the writing! Thanks as always for these fantastic opportunities, and talk very very soon! I can’t WAIT for you to get a glimpse of this new, two-hour thrill ride through When in Rōhm!”

So things couldn’t be much hotter for Vanisha right now! Contact talent@atalentscout.com if you’re interested in working with this excellent writer too.

And, stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for other fascinating success stories from WriteMovies winners, and our Industry Diary updates about other projects and partnerships we’re involved with – we can’t wait to share it all with you!

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