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Privacy Policy Updates

Privacy Policy Updates

The WriteMovies Privacy Policy has been updated, effective from July 1st 2020.

No rights or protections for clients have been removed, but we have updated the Policy to make explicit our simultaneous compliance to the highest international data protection standards as embodied by the California Consumer Protection Act, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and the UK’s Data Protection Act and evolving relationship to other territories post-Brexit.

We have also extended the GDPR rights of UK/EU citizens to all our customers and followers, in order to continue to embody best practice in these fast-evolving areas of legislation. And we’ve also brought all activities of our partners Talent Scout International Management under the scope of this privacy policy.

Also, for avoidance of doubt, we have now committed to retaining for 7 years any data that might later be required by statutory authorities overseeing financial or tax compliance retrospectively (previously a few of these data types such as Customer Name were separately due for deletion after 5 years).

We’ve also provided greater clarity about how we manage the ‘Other personal data types’ that can from time to time be present, such as within emails, website cookies and hosting logs.

We are also updating our Cookie notifications and settings and these will be clear to you as soon as you visit the site soon.

Click here to see the updated Privacy Policy.

Script Sales from May 2020

Script Sales from May 2020

Script Pipeline has reported on the latest Script Sales from May 2020 – a clear sign that producers and studios are still searching for great scripts through the lockdowns! Here’s our pick of the news.

If you want to get your script out there and into the hands of these kind of producers, don’t forget that our Summer 2020 Writing Contest offers guaranteed pitching to industry for the top three scripts. We’ve extended the deadline to June 28th to give you extra time to enter.

Submit now for your chance to win – there’s also a Grand Prize of $2000 and a year of free script development up for grabs!

  • Taika Waititi is set to direct a new STAR WARS film, which he will co-write with Krysty Wilson-Cairnstaika. Fresh off his successes with THOR: RAGNAROK and JOJO RABBIT, as well as having directed the final episode of THE MANDALORIAN, this looks like a potential match made in heaven.
  • 1986 cult classic LABYRINTH is set to receive a sequel, with Maggie Levin writing the script. She’s got some big shoes to fill here; the original was written by the late Terry Jones, best known as a member of Monty Python.
  • A few spec scripts have also found sales in May 2020: THE BLUE AFTERNOON THE LASTED FOREVER is a sci-fi script by Daniel H. Wilson, based on his short story, while 2084 is another sci-fi drama by Mattson Tomlin. Another spec-script sale is FLIGHT by Miles Chapman, a thriller set on an international flight.
  • Horror films continue to get backing, too. Jamie Lee Curtis will make her directorial debut with MOTHER NATURE, which she has co-written with Russel Goldman, and SCREAM 5 – set to be written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick – will act as both a reboot and sequel for the franchise.

You can check out the full list of script sales from May 2020 at Script Pipeline HERE. And if you want to enter our Summer 2020 Screenwriting Contest, click HERE – you’ve got until June 28th thanks to our extended deadline!

How writers should respond to lockdown: a unique opportunity for renewal and progression!

How writers should respond to lockdown: a unique opportunity for renewal and progression!

Magazines on Sunset Boulevard, soon before the lockdown – the world will still need content throughout the crisis: yours can be the answer!

Make a difference, and commit to the best opportunity you’ll ever get to focus on your writing and personal development, guilt free…

So listen:

  • If you identify yourself as a writer, if you’ve been waiting for a chance to make things happen, NOW is your time. Make it count.
  • The industry needs new material like always, and with the writer’s strike combined with the lockdown, they’re not getting it – so make yourself their answer.

Last week, in our Director’s personal analysis of how the Covid-19 outbreak is transforming everyone’s lives and the future, we committed to promoting positive approaches every day to help writers through this unprecedented scenario (click HERE to see why). Today we’re setting out a plan for how writers can do their part to keep themselves healthy, progressing and on track to come out of the other side of the crisis with new strengths and momentum. That’s not encouraging anyone to be selfish: fact is, we all need the people living in lockdown who aren’t sick or bereaved, to stay strong themselves in order to support the people and initiatives that depend on it. (more…)

How writers should respond to lockdown: a unique opportunity for renewal and progression!

Keeping positive through the Coronavirus crisis: personal thoughts of our Director

Cinema for invisible people? At least during the Coronavirus crisis.

I guess all the customers at cinemas like this one at Universal City are invisible themselves right now.

As Easter passes, the world looks utterly different to how it did a month ago – and perhaps it always will. Back then, I was compiling a week of my ‘L.A. Diary’ to reveal publicly for the first time a week of meetings that show how we pitch and promote our winners’ scripts directly to industry, and how we network and build synergies and opportunities together with them. But as the tragedies and restrictions grew in China, Italy and Spain, a shadow was looming over us all. All of the normal industry meetings and trips I featured in the L.A. Diary became impossible in California just a few weeks later. Filming became impossible, box office revenue has evaporated from one market after another and another, and the industry is suspended with no sign of when business as usual can restart, or even if it’ll be possible. Not just the Hollywood industry – London and Bollywood are on hold too, like so many other places. (more…)