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This week in our Industry Diary… September 14-20

This week in our Industry Diary… September 14-20

It’s a busy one as many initiatives start to get off the ground at the same time! I’m live-blogging for this website and social media as I work, so the results will be a wide range of in-the-moment insights into working in the industry in script development and production, released as articles as we work! Stay tuned here and to our social media and latest website articles for updates about… (more…)

WriteMovies Academy: Phase 0 free when you buy the whole course!

WriteMovies Academy: Phase 0 free when you buy the whole course!

WriteMovies Academy is almost here! Phase 1 is all about concept and theme development, but if you’re already ready to write, we’ve got you sorted. You can use “Phase 0: Project Selection” to make sure you’ve got a viable script – and it’s totally free when you buy the whole course!

academy ident

Nobody wants to spend weeks of their life writing a screenplay only to realize they’re pursuing the wrong project – and that’s where Phase 0 of WriteMovies Academy can help. This phase of our virtual film school can help you choose the best project right from the start, with advice and recommendations from an industry expert.

So if you think you’ve got all your concepts in order and want to give Phase 1 a miss, and jump straight in to the other parts of the course, Phase 0 is here to help!

It includes all sorts of tools for defining your projects and picking out the most objectively viable ones, perfect for development through the other phases of the Academy. You’ll receive feedback on all your ideas, with webinars and activities to work through – all of which will allow you to identify your goals and which project will help you achieve them.

As with all phases of WriteMovies Academy, you can complete Phase 0 in your own time and at your own pace. You set your own deadlines; this is a course that works around you and your life.

Phase 0 is the perfect way to start your screenwriting journey with WriteMovies, and you get it for free when you buy the rest of the course, saving $250 in the process! 

Buy all six phases here and get Phase 0 free!

WriteMovies Academy Phase 1 content is revealed – Concept and Theme Development

WriteMovies Academy Phase 1 content is revealed – Concept and Theme Development

We’re happy to announce here that our Phase 1 content is revealed!

virtual film school identThis is the phase in which you discover the originality and depth that will make you stand out as you develop the main concept and themes for your script.

Just like creating anything of worth, a strong foundation is what will make your screenplay stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you really want to find your voice as a writer and come up with an amazing premise, then this is the right Phase of WriteMovies Academy for you.

Our industry experts, Mini-Masterclasses, and other tools and resources will help you develop your own style and give you new insights into your ideas.

Learn to identify yourself and your goals, find out what producers really want from writers, and figure out the target demographics of your project – who your script is actually for. We’ll keep adding more in-depth tools, advice, Mini-Masterclasses, and more, so keep watching this space!

Some of the feedback for Phase 1 we’ve had from users so far:

  • “Nice bite sized, easily DIGESTIBLE, Nicely PACED”
  • “I have some good tools for solving some sticking points in a couple of my exciting projects”
  • “A very informative session”

Take a look at the main page for WriteMovies Academy – with Phases ranging from Project Selection to Production, The Wrap, and the Long Game, there’s something to be gained no matter what stage of your writing journey you’re at!


Acclaim for WriteMovies Academy – read the testimonials and comments!

Acclaim for WriteMovies Academy – read the testimonials and comments!

WriteMovies Academy has arrived, and it’s arrived in style! We gave 23 fee-paying customers a preview run of whichever phases of the course they ordered, and the feedback we received was extremely positive, with an overall user rating of over 90%!

Our Virtual Film School is a unique way to elevate your screenwriting and production skills to the next level, while also bringing you closer to the industry than traditional film schools – and all from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

academy testimonials

Providing them with Mini-Masterclasses, tools, and activities, our first set of users were given a month to prepare for and work through each phase, ending with a joint session for those who were available, with feedback forms provided at the end of it.

Here are just some of the comments we received!

“Very well done and innovating: inspires me to write everytime”

“I think this is a wonderful collaborative space”

“I thought that this session was excellent and allowed me to make numerous changes to my script”

“A very useful course for me personally”

Plus, the confidence of our users jumped by 18.5% in the subjects covered and by 17% in their own projects – per phase of the course! And here are their ratings for the different parts of the course:

Mini-Masterclass Presenter: 93%
Presentation Media and resources: 91%
Presentation Content: 89%
Course Activities: 89%

WriteMovies Academy is committed to excellence, and is the place to be for people who are passionate about great writing. If you want to join our first set of users in boosting your confidence and abilities, join now: enrolment is now open for each phase of the official course!

academy ident

We asked our users to return handwritten feedback to help demonstrate their authenticity – take a look below. All relevant feedback is shown here in full: user names and confidential project information have been redacted consistently on all forms but all relevant feedback is included in full.



Our new Academy is revealed – a unique Virtual Film School for writers and producers at every stage of development!

Our new Academy is revealed – a unique Virtual Film School for writers and producers at every stage of development!

Start your journey to the top with our virtual film school, and take your screenwriting and production skills to another level. Welcome to the WriteMovies Academy!

No matter where you are in your odyssey as a writer or producer, our unique virtual film school will help you succeed. We will bring you closer to the real industry than film schools – and for just a small fraction of the price! With our course you’ll get insights and input into your projects from professional Hollywood writing experts, with tools, activities, articles, and materials that can’t be found anywhere else.

With an overall user rating of over 90%, our Academy has already received much acclaim! Our first set of feedback reports have given a 93% rating to the Mini-Masterclass presenter, 91% to our media and resources, and 89% to both the content of the presentations and the activities! In addition to this, our users’ confidence in the material covered grew by 18.5% and their confidence in their own work by 17% – with each Phase of the course!

You can sign up for whichever Phase of the course you’re interested in, and you can start and finish it in your own time. You don’t have to pay for more than one Phase of the course at a time, and there are no penalties if you need to take a few months off for work. We will always be there for you!

We’re now accepting entries for the official launch of each Phase of the course, beginning with Phase 1 on September 15th 2018 – so click here to join now, and start your journey to the top!

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