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Got a story to tell? Want to see it on the big screen? WriteMovies’ Screenplay Ghostwriting service matches you with an award-winning screenwriter to adapt your story into a production-quality screenplay, from under $5000!

We’re uniquely qualified to ensure your project will fulfil its potential – nobody is better qualified in why films succeed and fail than our founder Dr. Alex Ross, who represented Tarantino and other top writers. Click here to find out more about us. Fill in the enquiry form below to start the process!

Here’s how our Screenplay Ghostwriting service works!

Get in touch with us...

Use the form on this page or email to tell us a little about you and the story you’d like to get ghostwritten for film, TV or VOD. We’ll guide you through the process, to generate all the information the screenwriter would need, and to confirm you’ll be available to interact with them at specified times along the way. We’ll establish when you’d ideally like the finalized script to be completed by.

Choose an award-winning screenwriter and fee...

We’ll reach out to our approved award-winning screenwriters to tell them the genre and format of the project. When a writer expresses an interest, we’ll then provide a short description of the project (including a potential ‘logline’) to them, and they can send us their rates and availability timescales for delivering the work. We’ll provide a summary of the interested writers and their rates, for you to choose the writer who you’d like to take your idea project forwards.

We’ll provide a list of approved screenwriters who are available and have expressed an interest in your project, showing their credentials, their specialist genres and styles, and their fees. You choose whichever writer you think is the best match to the project and your style of interacting, and we will confirm a deal with you and take your initial payment. Prices for the full package begin at under $5000, depending upon which writers are available when!

Agree a delivery schedule...

At each juncture in the process (shown with an *asterisk below), we will review the outputs so far with you and the writer jointly at a predefined date, when we will also jointly agree the next steps. Payments from yourself and to the writer will be made at the outset of each stage. This sequence also enables you and the writer to review progress against expectations and keep everything on track, or to agree alternative routes forward.

The stages of delivery are:

  1. An outline/treatment and/or ‘project bible’* that defines the story in a 2-3 page summary, sets the tone and defines the key characters and elements. Indicative price: $500+
  2. A first draft of the full script. Indicative price: $2000+
  3. Full Development Notes* to be provided by the core team at WriteMovies to compare the first draft to successful projects in the international market, and to recommend changes in order for the script to fulfil its potential. Indicative price: PROVIDED FREE.
  4. A second draft of the full script. Indicative price: $2000+
  5. A final set of Development Notes* by an experienced WriteMovies analyst. Indicative price: PROVIDED FREE.
  6. Delivery of a finalized script. Indicative price: $2000+
  7. If desired, free entry for the finalized script to the current WriteMovies Grand Prize contest, and subject to its publicly stated terms and conditions and timescales.

Indicative prices are PURELY a guideline to the minimum charges to expect. ALL prices are subject to minimum requirements and agreement in advance of any activity being undertaken, between all three parties (you, the screenwriter, and WriteMovies). Though agreements with writers and yourself for the Ghostwriting service must by nature be personal and voluntarily entered into by all parties, potential screenwriters may choose to offer work according to Writers’ Guild rates and terms – you can find out more about those HERE for the USA, and HERE for the UK if your chosen writer is from the UK.

Be considered for representation and pitching to industry...

If you would like us to consider your script for representation and pitching to the industry, we will enter the final script automatically to the current WriteMovies Grand Prize contest for free. This enables our judges to compare it directly against other scripts seeking representation to the international film market, and to give it a final result that shows how successfully it competes in the market currently. (This result can be kept confidential if you prefer!)

If the script wins a top-3 place on its own merit, we guarantee to pitch it to the international market ourselves, with the intention to also produce it, protecting your vision for the script and seeing it through to the screen. If the screenplay wins the Grand Prize, you will receive the full prize money for that win – potentially repaying you for the Ghostwriting service, depending on the prize value and the rates agreed with the screenwriter and ourselves.

You keep the IP for the script.

The Intellectual Property belongs to you as the commissioner of the work – but the screenwriter must remain visibly credited on your script. If the script sells or is produced, the screenwriter(s) also take their credit and any appropriate fee according to statutory rates and terms. After completing the script development process with us, it’s your choice who to approach or take the script to, and who to work with as you look to make it a production reality. We’re here for you all the way and always open to discussions to hear how you’re getting on and if there are any further ways we can help.

Get in touch today to discuss your idea and what we can do for you.

To get an idea of the Screenplay Ghostwriting screenwriters who we could make available to adapt your story to film, TV or VOD (Video On Demand), click HERE to see our past award winners!

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    I wanted to write a short note to say how much I enjoy working with WriteMovies. The professional way in which you work with the writers and the analysts makes the experience of giving and receiving screenplay notes a painless one and as a result allows the creative process to flow smoothly. Any writer looking to move their script to a higher level can’t go wrong by turning to WriteMovies for feedback.

    Tom Craig

    Producer of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, RAIN MAN and many other top films

    Promoting great global storytelling since 1999.

    Since we were established in Hollywood in 1999 we’ve been the company who help you choose the best scripts and projects, develop them to their fulfil their potential, and get them sold and produced, with two Oscar-nominated writers among our notable success stories. Our acclaimed services and contests mirror how your script will fare in the industry right now.

    Example Screenplay Ghostwriter: Ian Kennedy

    Example Screenplay Ghostwriter: Ian Kennedy

    WriteMovies Director

    • 135 BBC scriptwriting credits in his 20s
    • Working in the international screenplay industry since 2010; WriteMovies Director since 2016
    • Has helped hundreds of writers to improve their scripts since 2002
    • Personally praised by Hollywood players Shaun Redick (producer, GET OUT, BLACKKKLANSMAN) and Peter Saphier (Co-Producer, SCARFACE) after recent meetings with them
    • Specialist genres: Drama, Comedy, Historical, Sci-Fi

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