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Winter 2018 Contest “Best Teleplay or Pilot” Winner

Winter 2018 Contest “Best Teleplay or Pilot” Winner

Huge congratulations to our Best Teleplay award winner, INSURRECTION by Simon Bowler! That’s two TV awards in two contests for Simon!

Simon now receives free Development Notes to help make his pilot breakthrough. With on-demand bringing the best shows into our homes whenever we want them, the appetite for scripted TV shows is massive and so are the range of new ways to get them made.

Our second placed television entry is SHAKESPEARE OF AVON by James Hanson! For finishing in second place, James will also gain free Development Notes on his pilot. We think there’s some great potential in these two teleplays and we’re looking forward to setting them on the path to success…

Winter 2018 Contest “Book with the Best Screen Potential” Winner

Winter 2018 Contest “Book with the Best Screen Potential” Winner

The book with the best screen potential is… A SHADOW IN SPACE by Bryan Reilly! We’re delighted to announce Bryan as just the second ever winner of this special award and we can’t wait for Bryan to claim his prize! Bryan now receives FREE Development Notes to help him adapt his book to a screenplay, or we’ll help him find a screenwriter who can. This could be an exciting breakthrough for Bryan!

Oh, but there’s more… In second place is THE LOCKSMITH by Jeffrey Ryan Morales– congrats Jeffrey! We will also be providing Jeffrey free Development Notes to guide him in the process of adapting his book to a screenplay.

Hopefully, this is the first chapter of many for these two talented writers!

2018 Oscars Reaction

2018 Oscars Reaction

Another glamorous Academy Awards ceremony, and while there weren’t huge surprises, there was a brilliant unifying message that ran through the entire night… Here’s our 2018 Oscars reaction… by Jamie White.

Looking at the winners, everything seemed to fit into place. THE SHAPE OF WATER took home Best Director and Best Picture (which we predicted, by the way) as well as two further awards. Gary Oldman won for his excellent, but kinda Oscar-baity, performance as Winston Churchill, and the Pixar film COCO won the “Pixar Award”, also known as “Best Animated Feature”… There weren’t that many shocks at all, if any, but this year was an enjoyable, albeit lengthy, watch.

Special congratulations to our pal Habib Zargarpour who got a mention in the winning speech from the BLADE RUNNER: 2049 crew after they won “Best Visual Effects”. A brilliant visual achievement from everyone involved in that film, and we’re so happy for Habib!

The night as a whole can be summed up wonderfully by the “Best Actress” win for Frances McDormand. Again, not a particularly surprising result, but a stunningly rousing speech. McDormand asked for her fellow female creatives – actors, directors, producers, costume designers, sound mixers, editors, everyone – to stand up and take some much-deserved applause. This summed up the brilliant message of unity, diversity and celebrating “minority” creatives – a message that was a motif of the night and was reflected by the winners themselves.

Sure, Pixar got it usual and expected win, but COCO was a great view on Mexican culture. Guillermo del Toro’s Best Director win was another celebration for Mexico on the night. And, of course, there was a momentous win for GET OUT and Jordan Peele for “Best Original Screenplay”.

Perhaps the most relevant speech for writers came from Peele himself. Peele stated that he stopped writing, and kept going back to, GET OUT about 20 times! He never gave up on his passion project. He always believed that if and when this project got made it would make a difference – that it would mean something. And boy was he right! Take this as some inspiration for your own work, your own passion project. Don’t ever give up on that one story, that one script that you truly love…

So, all in all, a great night with diverse winners, and a nice sharing of awards between the nominees – no film took home more than four awards (THE SHAPE OF WATER won there, too.) And once again, Jimmy Kimmel was a surprisingly good host…

Congrats to all the winners – bring on this year’s films!

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Winter 2018 Screenwriting Contest – Semi-Finalists

Winter 2018 Screenwriting Contest – Semi-Finalists

We are delighted to announce the Semi-Finalists for our Winter 2018 Screenwriting Contest.

We are delighted to announce the 26 Semi-Finalists for the Winter 2018 Screenwriting Competition! Selecting the scripts with the strongest claim to join our winners has made for a tough but enjoyable task for us the past couple of weeks.

Check out the full list of 26 Semi-Finalists below.

Head on over to our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to congratulate the Semi-Finalists yourselves!

The final results will be announced in two weeks’ time – Friday, March, 16th.

At this time, we try to only include scripts that we’re still considering as a potential winner. Having made the Quarter-Finalists shows that a script or writer already has some clear potential, and a Semi-Final place means that with more development this script could become a contender. Keep that in mind as you think about what to do with your script next. These results should give you a good guide to the current state of your idea, writing and script.

Next, we refocus our attention to the book and television entries as we wind up to next week’s TV and book awards announcement!

Here are the Winter 2018 Screenwriting Contest Semi-Finalists…

THE DAWN OF EVE, James Bingham TO DIE IN TAJOUTE, Virginia Bola INSURRECTION, Simon Bowler
BLACK SHEEP, John Hunter WHEN WE FALL BEHIND, Dan Hutchinson NEW REALITY, Carolyn Kras
CHARMER, David Kurtz THE LOCKSMITH, Jeffrey Morales BAD DOG, Phil Olsen
THE CRAWL UP, Gabriell DeBear Paye A SHADOW IN SPACE, Bryan Reilly SAVIOR, Bo Sanders
STAR BLUE SOLDIER, Donahue Silvia THE FOURTH COURIER, Timothy Jay Smith THE FIRSTBORN, William Smith
SLAVE SHIP, Tyler True LAST PRINCE OF WALES, Ethan Westgate COLD FOOTED, Tanya M. Wheeler
THE REALM, Tanya M. Wheeler LEGACY OF THE GODS, Tim Wong
2018 Oscars Best Picture Prediction

2018 Oscars Best Picture Prediction

We hear there’s some big awards ceremony at the weekend? Well, here’s our 2018 Oscars Best Picture prediction and Best Director prediction for this year… By Jamie White.

Best Picture and Director

We’re doing something a little different here… It’s very rare that the Best Picture winner is not accompanied by Best Director, especially since the turn of the century. A Best Picture-Director split has only happened 7 times since the year 2000. And, hell, we’re confident enough that there won’t be a split this year.

So, we’re looking at the 5 Best Director nominees and picking our winner for BOTH Best Picture and Director – we’re that confident!

The nominees are…
“Dunkirk,” Christopher Nolan
“Get Out,” Jordan Peele
“Lady Bird,” Greta Gerwig
“Phantom Thread,” Paul Thomas Anderson
“The Shape of Water,” Guillermo del Toro

Now, I think we can rule out DUNKIRK almost immediately. It has some recognition in categories like Cinematography and Editing, but we don’t think that’s enough for a win for Chris Nolan’s WWII epic.

The remaining four choices makes for a difficult decision – any four of these films and directors could win either category, but we just can’t see one of these directors winning and their corresponding film lucking out. So, we have to make a decision.

And we’re going with THE SHAPE OF WATER and Del Toro. For us, PHANTOM THREAD is a great film, but we don’t think Anderson has the same impact on his film as Del Toro. The same can really be said for LADY BIRD, in our opinion.

GET OUT is the main contender to Del Toro and SHAPE OF WATER, but we have to pick one winner (well, two…), and the magic of THE SHAPE OF WATER that Del Toro has transpired from other films of his such as PAN’S LABYRINTH makes it our favorite for the Oscar race.

Agree with our predictions or not? Let us now on Twitter and Facebook!

If you’re hungry for more winners, check out our Semi-Finalists announcement this Friday, then the TV and Book Awards winners the Friday after that!

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