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To be a great screenwriter, you need to nail the fundamentals. No matter how long you’ve been writing or how many scripts you’ve written, focusing on these aspects will make you a better writer – and that’s why we’re looking at them in this online session on the Key Aspects of Writing and Storytelling on July 1st!

They don’t just apply to screenwriting, either. These are the core elements that you need to get right across all mediums. So if you want to improve your writing more generally – for screen, stage, or page – then this is the session for you.

Whether you’re a complete newcomer to writing or you’ve been doing it all your life, you’ll learn invaluable information. Ian Kennedy, the director of WriteMovies, will be sharing everything he’s learned from his time working in the international screenplay industry and as a writer.

Click here to find out more and book your place!

You will learn:

  • Elements such as genre, style, characters, and voices
  • How to make these aspects distinctive and unique to you
  • Why how you tell the story is as important as what you tell
  • Story types and audience expectations
  • Exploring the world and context of your story
  • Why the right format is so important in screenwriting

Key Aspects of Writing and Storytelling takes place on Thursday July 1st. Make sure you book your place today – click here!


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