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The Hindi rights to Curveball have already been optioned to Exceed Entertainment in Mumbai for a Hindi-language adaptation of this uniquely high-concept thriller! The potential is for the sale to result in a Bollywood-style version that gives a fascinating new twist to this story without impacting the English-language audience, who can expect a grittier style and different kind of sport (and stadium) as its backdrop. English-language rights are still available – and industry producers and established talent can get in touch with us today to find out more and request the script and our vivid One-Page Pitch.

Zack KahnCURVEBALL Writer Zack Kahn is already screenwriter of BETTER WATCH OUT, rated #3 (above even GREMLINS!) in the Christmas Horror category by Rotten Tomatoes, with an overall rating of 88%!

Here’s more about CURVEBALL by Zack Kahn and its WriteMovies Award-winning author…

Could you find your kidnapped child in a full stadium before the match ends…?

What begins as a pleasant day at the aquarium turns into every parent’s worst nightmare when Gavin Boyd and his wife, Cara, lose their 4-year-old son, Jasper, in the blink of an eye.

Two years later, we catch up with the shell of a person that Gavin has become. Separated from Cara and wallowing in depression, he is barely able to puppet himself enough to put together anything resembling a life. When Gavin’s best friend, Dennis, calls to inform him of his upcoming bachelor party consisting of a Dodger’s game and a weekend in Vegas, Gavin declines, too distressed and uncomfortable to travel. “It’s not about you this time,” his buddy insists.

At Dodger Stadium, Gavin is going through the motions of a good time, unhinged but pushing on for Dennis. Dodgers are playing the Rockies and the stadium is packed with enthusiastic fans. It’s during the bottom of the 4th when Gavin sees an unmistakable miracle on the Jumbotron — his son, Jasper!

Racing against the clock to track down Jasper before the game lets out, Gavin is met with obstacles at every turn…

Zack Kahn was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and attended NYU Tisch Film School. He started his career as a writer/director/producer at Nickelodeon and has since written for film, TV and promos with a focus on thriller/horror and comedy. He is also an actor that has appeared in numerous commercials. Kahn has placed in Writemovies’ contest with 3 previous entries. “Curveball,” a high-concept thriller, is his first Grand Prize win.

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