WriteMovies customers from UK ethnic minorities are eligible for this EXCLUSIVE offer. The top 5 entrants get their work STAGED professionally and top 10 meet a top UK Comedy commissioner at UKTV, newly arrived from BBC Comedy!

Amplified is a unique new contest designed to increase participation by ethnic minorities in UK scriptwriting and production. The contest promotes diverse voices in the UK and we have been given the EXCLUSIVE opportunity for our customers to access a free submission to that contest.

If you have previously entered a WriteMovies contest or attended a WriteMovies or Screenwriters Forum event, and you are eligible for the contest, email us to gain a referral to give you FREE entry to this unique opportunity!

Why are we able to give unique access to this opportunity? Because our Director Ian Kennedy is creating a joint online course about Career Development for Writers, with Transition Stage Company Director Natalie Edwards Yesufu who is a passionate advocate for improving diversity in the entertainment industry – as are we.

This opportunity is open to all WriteMovies and Screenwriters Forum customers who meet the contest’s eligibility criteria, until July 20th. Email us at edward@writemovies.com, reminding us which contest or event you joined, and we’ll pass on a referral so you can get your FREE entry.

Following Natalie’s advice, we recommend that our scripts for this contest hit the ground running in the first minute, and are quite condensed. Click here to find out more about Amplified and eligibility criteria!

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