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Our slate of online sessions is really ramping up! We’ve already told you about the next one on July 1st – Key Aspects of Writing and Storytelling – but just a week after that we’ll be looking at Killer Concepts – Choosing the Right Ideas on July 8th!

So you’ve got ideas for a screenplay. But which of those ideas is the best? Which ones are most likely to make a successful screenplay – and ultimately a successful movie – and which ones will end up being a waste of time?

Our online session on July 8th will answer that question. We’ll be telling you what really makes for a great concept and how to pick the right ideas for your scripts. Don’t just start writing – get it right before you even begin!

You will learn:

  • Whether the ‘passionate’ approach to screenwriting is right for you
  • What gives a writer their unique voice, and how to hone yours
  • Identifying the reasons for telling your story
  • Choosing the right idea for your screenplay
  • Developing and shaping your concept

Whether you’re a new screenwriter just starting out or just looking to up your game, this session will be packed full of useful advice. Killer Concepts – Choosing the Right Ideas takes place on July 8th – click here to find out more and book your place!

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