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WriteMovies Academy: Hollywood Virtual Film School

Our Script Development Academy is a Virtual Film School for writers and producers at all stages of their development…


We want to make you and your script into a winner!

Find out about the different Phases you can choose to suit your current needs. Fill in the contact form and state your interest in the Script Development Academy. Someone from our team will get back to you with details about how to apply, within 4 working days.

About the Academy…

What You Get…

Maybe you have an original story, with great characters, but something is missing… Or, you’ve got a great plot, but the characters don’t seem interesting or believable… Maybe you have a great idea, but you’re not sure how to start… Or, you’ve just completed a first draft and you know it needs work… Or, you’re just not sure!

These are problems many screenwriters encounter. But when it’s just you and your computer, they are often hard to solve. When is your story ready to write a first draft? Or when do you know your script is finally ready to send out to attract that great talent agent or name actor? That’s what we’ll be helping you with…

WriteMovies is offering a new service to screenwriters. Instead of just giving feedback, we’ll guide you through the writing and pitching process, whatever stage you’re in. Whether it’s your first screenplay and all you have is an idea, or you’re an experienced screenwriter with a first draft, we’ll guide you through writing and rewriting. Below are all of the Phases available to you.

Choose whichever combination of these Phases you need – no need to pay for anything you don’t! Full information about each Phase below.

  • Phase 0 (Project Selection, Additional consultation & notes): $250 (or free if you buy all of Phases 1-6 for $3000!)
  • Phase 1 (Concept & Development): $500
  • Phase 2 (Development & Outlining): $500
  • Phase 3 (1st Draft & Coverage):
  • Phase 4 (Writing is Rewriting & 2nd Draft Coverage): $500
  • Phase 5 (Pitching and Promoting Your Script): $500
  • Phase 6 (That’s a Wrap): $500 per year for ongoing support

Maximum total fee – Up to $3000 inclusive:

  • ‘Project Selection, Additional Consultation and Notes’ will be provided FREE if the writer signs up to all of the other phases. Use the form at the bottom of the page to sign-up for all six phases.

    To book your places please email

Contact Us…

Find the links to the individual phases to the right and below.

To Contact us: For enquiries about the script development program, please fill in the contact form and state your interest in the development program. Someone from our team will get back to you with details about how to apply, within 4 working days.

    Your details will be held securely under our Privacy Policy (

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Note: We no longer accept checks due to issues with fraud. Please use the Paypal options when participating.
    • There are no physical items deliverable under our services – all reports will be provided by email in standard document formats.
    • Refunds or cancellations must be requested within 14 days and/or before any public announcement of winning entries and/or before receipt of any completed Consulting report (which will typically be within 7-14 days). Disagreement with the opinion and suggestions of the Analyst is not accepted as valid grounds for a refund, however we are happy to receive other feedback and enquiries.
    • If you agree to us pitching your script, you can earn up to $1 million in option monies from the A-List producers we work with. If an established studio/production company with theatrical credits wishes to option the script, we will fly the winner to Los Angeles and pay (up to $4,000) for their accommodation. We will pitch the top three projects to relevant production companies (such as Neal Moritz Productions, Bruckheimer Films, Scott Rudin Prods.) and studios (Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal, etc.). You keep ALL the option/sales money up to $1m. The Grand Prize winner is also pitched to several literary agencies and management companies as well as non-US companies to increase the chances of a sale. We will pitch your script to companies such as CAA, ICM, William Morris Endeavor, ACME, The Gage Group, etc.


    Phase 0 (Project Selection, Additional consultation & notes):

    • Choosing the right project, and any additional consultation, is outside of the main Phases 1-6 development “curriculum”. If a writer is adapting his/her own novel, short story or other medium, reading and covering that source material prior to Stage 1, if requested, is an additional cost. Once analysis on the source material is completed, then the development process starting with Stage 1 can more readily commence. The development analyst doesn’t advise adapting material which the screenwriter doesn’t own or which can’t be readily optioned. Price: $250

    Phase 1 (concept & development):

    • So many people have ideas they’d like to craft into a screenplay, but find they are hard-pressed to get the ball rolling. In Stage 1 of this curriculum, the professional consultant can help mold a writer’s concept, prepare a treatment, or hammer an unwieldy, unprofessional script into shape. Whatever form the writer brings his/her idea in can be worked with and developed better and stronger. The consultant will aid the writer in a development exec-like capacity. Studios’ development departments analyze concepts, treatments, and scripts continually until they’re in their best possible shape for production. That’s the service being offered here. Ideas will concretize; themes will solidify; a story will form. Factors the writer will consider include: what genre the script should fall into, what market to shoot for (mainstream theatrical, festival circuit, art house/independent, straight-to-video), and what iteration of the idea will allow the writer’s story to be told in the most effective way. The writer may even be given movie-watching “homework” to peruse like-minded, successful movies to help spark creative decision-making. The writer will then choose to go through the outlining process with the consultant or skip ahead to writing the first draft and getting feedback on that.
    • Price: $500

    Phase 2 (development & outlining):

    • Once a writer has solidified what exactly needs to be done with his/her idea, then the process of outlining begins. This is the “heavy lifting” stage of crafting an idea into a fully-realized script. Whether using index cards or act outlines, the often daunting task of structuring the writer’s script story will be completed with readily available feedback along the way. The process is like funneling an unwieldy brainstorming session into simplified, concentrated, dramatic beats and scenes. Structure is arguably the toughest part of screenwriting. It’s not what’s being put down on paper but how it’s put down on paper. Structuring the writer’s script is a process of refinement. When the scene, sequence, and act order in the writer’s story are cleanly arranged, then the writer is ready to tackle the first draft.
    • Price: $500

    Phase 3 (1st draft & coverage):

    • Writing commences based on the above-completed outline process. The consultant “checks in” regularly with the writer and keeps the writer apace based on a predetermined schedule. Setting a realistic, not intimidating deadline is crucial to keep the writer “warm” in the process of screenwriting. It’s a good way to gauge progress and learn what’s comfortable for a particular writer’s lifestyle. A “zero” draft of the script will be encouraged, but not insisted upon. “Zero” drafts aren’t fair representations of a writer’s talent. They’re simply a result of the process of getting info from the writer’s outline onto the page. The true first draft happens when that zero draft is given a second pass and the nuances of the writer’s ability are brought to the fore. Once the first draft is completed, it receives coverage—that’s a full script analysis including a synopsis, critique, page notes, and grading scale. The writer and consultant discuss the coverage and how to tackle changes for the second draft.
    • Price: $500

    Phase 4 (writing is rewriting & 2nd draft coverage):

    • Writing is rewriting. Period. While the writer should be commended and rewarded for birthing his/her idea into a fully-realized script, a first draft is only the beginning. The consultant will be happy to coach the writer through making the tough, necessary changes to improve the first draft and make the second draft an even better iteration. Rewriting will commence in largely the same way as the first draft commencement, with consultations and feedback along the way. Coverage on the completed second draft will instruct the writer on what changes effectively altered the story for the better.
    • Price: $500

    Phase 5 (pitching and promoting your script):

    • Your script and all the time and love that’s gone into it is still worthless until you can sell it. In this phase we’ll show you how to nail your logline, one-page pitch, and verbal pitch, coaching you until it’s right. And we’ll show you how to use those to make your script as compelling and convincing as it’s gonna get.
    • Price: $500

    Phase 6 (that’s a wrap):

    • A final consultation on the entire project, in however many of the above stages were completed, aims to inspire the writer to head out into “the world” confidently, whether seeking production, representation, script contests, etc. Notes on future drafts can be discussed and the writer can always opt for additional consultation.
    • Price: $500 per year

    Maximum total fee – Up to $3000 inclusive:

    • ‘Project Selection, Additional Consultation and Notes’ will be provided FREE if the writer signs up to all of the other phases.

    To book your places please email:

    Contact us: For enquiries about the script development program, please fill in the contact form and state your interest in the development program. Someone from our team will get back to you with details about how to apply, within 4 working days.

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