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50% off Hollywood Virtual Film School course!

Virtual Film School Phase 1 50% discount

Get closer to how the real industry works.

Highly experienced presenters, proven resources.

About your host - WriteMovies Director, Ian Kennedy

Inventive ways to unlock your potential.

Creative Challenge

Practical focus, detailed insights, simple but powerful tools

WriteMovies Academy Online Course

Structured activities and mentoring to ensure YOU will stand out.

Lesson 2 Activity

Acclaimed by users at all levels of skill or experience.

WriteMovies Academy Phase 1-online course

Our unique online film school will take you to new heights and place you closer to the real industry than film schools – for a fraction of the price. And for a limited time only, we are also offering a huge 50% DISCOUNT for anyone who signs up to the Academy's Phase 1, Concept & Theme Development, at $250 (under £250 - available in all currencies)!

This summer we're refreshing all of our WriteMovies services with exclusive special offers, starting with our unique Hollywood virtual film school, WriteMovies Academy. Phase 1, Concept & Theme Development, is loaded with exclusive online videos, courses, interactive activities, daily mentoring and feedback designed to constantly sharpen your understanding of screenwriting concepts, the industry and its needs from writers, and above all the quality and success of your OWN concepts and pitches for scripts that will attract producers and global audiences. Whatever your level and experience, get mentoring and powerful new approaches at your own pace - sign up today right here, using the form on the right!

Alternatively CLICK HERE to find out more about WriteMovies Academy, or email to discuss your needs and build a personalized package.

What you get, in every Phase...

Our courses enable you to work from home at your own pace, focus on the areas you need most, and generate INDUSTRY-READY concepts, materials, scripts and plans from the start!

  • A reading list and watching list to complete before or during your course based on purely upon the books the industry ACTUALLY uses and refers to.
  • Industry-quality insight into all the areas you’re upskilling, in a clear logical sequence.
  • Creative Challenges and feedback designed to get you inspired, generating pitch-ready material, and progressing every day.
  • A series of exclusive online Mini-Masterclass videos (password access) and other tools, activities, articles and materials (provided by email every week)
  • Documents and resources and activities to test your understanding on real productions and make your own ideas stand out.
  • Expert input and daily or weekly feedback on your work from our Hollywood writing experts.
  • Opportunities to turn your learning and materials into production-ready scripts and Proofs-Of-Concept as you learn.
  • Personalized focus and scheduling.
  • Free Consultancy/Mentoring reports provided in the industry-standard formats we provide to WriteMovies customers, at the end of key Phases of your project, to show the current standing of your project in the marketplace and what to do next
  • Free entry to any main WriteMovies contest - where the top 3 are guaranteed a year of free script development from us and pitching to industry!
  • A professional-print-quality certificate you can keep to prove your achievements
  • Exclusive access to all of the new Mini-Masterclass videos we share in the future!

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What you get in Phase 1 - Concept And Development... click here!

Anyone can throw genre cliches together, but it’s the concept and the depth of how you explore your theme which will really mark you out and create your ‘voice’ as a writer. Whatever your skill level and experience, trust our industry experts to give you new and unique insights, tools and approaches to unlock and focus your potential. For a limited time only, this course is available HALF PRICE at $250 (under £250 - all currencies supported).

Phase 1 includes full access to all of our extensive online courses, sessions and resources exploring these topics, both now and whenever we add more in future. It also includes an extensive set of activities to extend and mentor your upon, at your own pace. These online courses include:

This exclusive half-price offer is only available until August 8th! Upgrade your screenwriting skills this summer - sign up now using the form on the right!

Why us?

We've been selling scripts and other works to the international entertainment industry for decades and develop writers of ANY age and experience level. If you're considering film school, you don't have to leave the house or go $100k into debt! No one gives you an industry writing job because you went to a specific film school. You get one because of the quality of your writing sample. Our complete course is a fraction of the $100k cost of Film School and available from home wherever you are, in your own time! NOBODY is better qualified than our founder Dr. Alex Ross in why films succeed and fail - click here to see why.

Our Academy sessions have already received much acclaim, all of which we publish here, with an overall user rating of over 9/10 across all Phases! For example, our first 53 user feedback reports gave the quality of the Mini-Masterclass presenters a 93% rating, the presentation media and resources a 91% rating, the presentation content an 89% rating, the activities an 89% rating - and meanwhile their own confidence in the subjects covered leapt 18.5% and their confidence in their own projects leapt 17% - per Phase of the course!

Join our Academy now! Phase 1, Concept & Theme Development, is just $250 (under £250) for a limited time... all currencies supported.

    Terms and conditions:
    By submitting to any of our screenwriting contests or consultancy packages, you are accepting our TERMS AND CONDITIONS (click here) and PRIVACY POLICY (click here).

    Alternatively - click here to email us at to discuss your needs and get a personalized offer!

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