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Killer Concepts – Generating Ideas for Your Scripts



Date: View on Demand
Duration: Approximately 1 hour + Q&A



A great screenplay starts with a great idea. If you can grab someone’s attention with your concept alone, before they’ve even read a page of your script, you’re halfway to winning the battle already!

Learn tips and tricks for generating ideas for your screenplays as quickly and easily as possible, and practice making the decisions that help define your voice as a writer, in this session with WriteMovies’ Director Ian Kennedy.

You will learn:

  • Ways to get ideas: a fun mix of suggestions and games
  • Developing your writing voice through concepts
  • Identifying the stories that already exist around you
  • How small changes to your concept can make a big difference
  • The advantages of adaptations and “cultural real estate”
  • Why generating lots of ideas is better than just one



Price: $30
Date: View on Demand
Duration: Approximately 1 hour + Q&A


Ian Kennedy, WriteMovies DirectorAbout the tutor

Ian Kennedy has been working in the international screenplay industry since 2010 and has been WriteMovies Director since 2016.

He has helped hundreds of writers to improve their scripts since 2002 and was personally praised by Hollywood players Shaun Redick (producer, GET OUT, BLACKKKLANSMAN) and Peter Saphier (Co-Producer, SCARFACE) after meetings with them.

Previously he wrote 135 scripts for urban BBC series SILVER STREET over the course of 5 years, which won 3 awards during that time (2004-2009).

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