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ALEX ROSS – WriteMovies Founder


WriteMovies founder Alex RossAlex_Ross

Alex Ross (founder of – Educated at the universities of Heidelberg, Cambridge and the ESCP/EAP business school in Paris, Alex Ross is fluent in four languages, attended the London International Film School for two terms, became student president then dropped out in order to help run a chain of art house cinemas in the UK. He started his filmmaking career by working for Ismail Merchant on “Maurice” (with Hugh Grant). Alex moved to Los Angeles in 2001, and after a year in the M.G.M story department, he worked as a story analyst for Sally Field, Dick Clark and others. Subsequently he became an agent at the Gray/Goodman agency which represented Quentin Tarantino, Christopher De Vore (Elephant Man) & Mardik Martin (Raging Bull)

He then founded Fortis Entertainment, a management company, and discovered Andrew Niccol who wrote and produced “The Truman Show” and directed “Gattaca”, “Simone”, “Lord of War” etc. Sales of screenplays & books by writers discovered by the company have surpassed $8 Million. Alex sold Fortis Entertainment to a well known actress in 1998 and spent the rest of that year teaching at various universities, film schools and colleges in the UK. His interest in fostering and developing new writing talent led to him being asked to become a consultant to the National Academy of Writing of Great Britain, (headed by Lord Bragg) in 2000. That same year he founded which has become an important entry point to the industry for new talent, not just in the US, but UK, France, and Germany. In 2004, his company started an internship program for British students to come and spend eight weeks working in the industry in Los Angeles.

In addition to having been interviewed on prime time network T.V. by Dateline N.B.C., Alex’s career has been covered by: The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, The Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Rewuters, Newsday, The London Times, and Daily Mail among others. Alex also became a member of the British Academy (BAFTA) in 2004. In 2006, Ross produced the romantic comedy THE LIST, starring Wayne Brady, Sydney Tamia Poitier, Brad Dourif, Illeana Douglas, Jane Jynch, Tatyana Ali, Flex Alexander, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Concetta Tomei, Erica Gimpel, and Matthew Glave. The movie was acquired by Warner Brothers and the studio subsequently asked Alex to produce three more films. He has also launched the I.T. startup: “ZTB” in California which is presently undergoing early round financing and acquiring a lot of momentum. Apart from teaching a post-graduate course at university, Alex is also a doctoral candidate and rowing coach at Cambridge. Alex is currently represented by TalentScout Management of Beverly Hills.

Alex was also delighted to have been nominated as a Media Expert to the European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). This means that when scripts are submitted to the EU for consideration/financing, Alex is one of the people who assess the projects.

Alex is currently producing former WriteMovies contest winner MAGNETIC by Carolyn Kras along with producer Diane Nabatoff, with Jon Amiel directing.

rosswwmedia_whResearch Article From Producer and WriteMovies Founder, Alex Ross

This article seeks to contribute to the current debate about the decision-making process within the Hollywood studios and the marketing-driven quest to micromanage the creative process in order to manufacture more consistently profitable films. The author outlines the process to which scripts are subjected in order to determine their suitability for production and how this impacts the quality of the scripts. There are compelling questions about whether the current business model hinders relevant, definitive cultural narratives and how this affects both the quality and profitability of contemporary films. In addition to considering the existing literature dealing with the topic, this article also draws on the author’s fifteen years’ experience in Hollywood as a screenwriter, agent and producer. For your free copy, CLICK HERE.