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Spring 2017 Screenwriting Competition: Major international screenwriting competition, refocused upon what writers value most about us…

Another writing contest complete, another group of winners revealed. We’ve seen the growth and improvement in many writers who have submitted: thank you to all of you who entered for making our jobs of judging the scripts enjoyable.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our script consultancies to find out why your script placed where it did. It will further your growth as a writer and you’ll be entered, for free, into the current Summer 2017 Contest – another chance to win big!

Here’s what our Top 3 win…

  • Cash prizes of $1000, $300, and $200, respectively.
  • The 3 winners will receive one year free of script development and mentoring.
  • We’ll also pitch and promote the scripts to the top of the film industry. Remind yourself what makes for winning writing HERE.**
  • Plus, exclusive prizes from InkTip – an InkTip Script Listing and the winning scripts’ loglines will be featured in InkTip’s Magazine, read by thousands of writers and producers.

Here are the final results for the WriteMovies Spring 2017 Screenwriting Competition


CHOKE JOB, David Dell Johnson



THE FACTION, Kevin Karp BURNER, Bob Canning


PERFIDIES, Bill Baber THE 405, Patrick Byrne CRAZY WITH LOVE, Ronald L. Ecker
 COLONIALS, Ian Fletcher PEANUT, Manny Jimenez Sr. MYSPACE LOVE, Christophe Lourenço
THE CHERRY ROOM, Christine, Stevens DeLorenzo

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