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Just when you think you know who the protagonist is, something happens that makes you think twice. That’s what Kevin’s script does. Early twists in the opening 20 pages, goes against convention, setting the script up very nicely. There’s fresh industry interest in this genre right now too, so we’re looking forward to developing Kevin’s script!

Here’s what Kevin wins for his second placed finish:

  • Kevin receives $300.
  • Kevin has also started his year of free script development with us.
  • Once Kevin and his script is ready, we’ll move into the process of pitching his script to the industry.
  • His script will be listed in InkTip’s directory, and the script’s logline being featured in their magazine, which goes out to thousands of writers and producers.

Here’s some background on Kevin:

Kevin’s script TOUCH THE FIRE recently won the comedy category in both the StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest and the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition. He studied modern European history as a Reynolds Scholar at Cambridge and has an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth. He has worked as a script reader at Lookout Point in London and as an international-trade advisor attached to a delegation of the European Parliament.

And here is a short introduction to the script:

In 1978, crippled by a blown operation that sees one of its agents murdered in West Berlin, MI6 activates skeptical veteran HILL to exact revenge on the man responsible: ex-SS war criminal ALD STITZMAN, who has taken control of the Stasi-funded Red Army Faction that is terrorizing West Germany.

 Congratulations to Kevin on being named our Second Placed winner!

You could be our next winner and success story with our current main international contest, the Summer 2017 Screenwriting Contest – enter HERE. We’ll bring you info on our Spring 2017 Screenwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner, David Dell Johnson, next week…



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