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Just a couple of days remain of the Fall 2019 Screenwriting Contest, which closes this weekend! With the deadline fast approaching, you have until the end of Sunday October 13th to submit…

But if you really want to get the most out of your submission, we’d recommend that you get feedback on your script too. As a writer, it’s easy to end up working on your own, in an echo chamber of your own thoughts and opinions – and that would be a mistake!f

If you don’t know how other people perceive your writing, you also don’t know how to take your work to the next level. And there are no opinions that matter more when it comes to screenwriting than those of the decision-makers: producers and industry execs.

Our Script Reports are drawn from industry templates, giving you a clear idea of exactly how your script would be perceived by these decision-makers. You’ll get a clear analysis of the concept, structure, characters, and commercial viability of the project – and with it, an idea of what you need to do to improve your work.

Plus, you’ll get free entry to the current contest for your script when you buy one of these reports… or if we’re between contests, free entry to the next! Judging Feedback is just $89 to get an invaluable analysis of your script, with Studio Coverage just $10 more at $99 to get a one-page synopsis in addition.

Alternatively, get our most comprehensive service for $149: Development Notes that go into much greater depth, and which suggest improvements to resolve any issues identified!

Make sure you get the feedback you need from WriteMovies, professional industry-level analysis and advice. Buy a Script Report from us by Sunday and get free entry to the Fall 2019 Screenwriting Contest – or click here to submit without feedback!


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