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Our Studio Coverages are the kind of verdict your script would currently get from the analysts at major studios and gives you the opportunity to get professional feedback on your script before you send it out.

Studio consultancies are 4 to 5 pages of feedback on your script, that essentially tells you what there to tell you what is and isn’t working. This report is something that would be sent to producers to show them the potential of your script and whether it should be passed on, considered, or on the rare occasion, gets recommended.

Apart from quality and honest feedback from professional script readers, a report will include a one page synopsis of your script on the point. You may think, as the writer of the script, that having a synopsis won’t be all that helpful. However, the synopsis that the reader provides shows you, the writer, how someone has received the plot, if they’ve missed something you thought was otherwise important or vice versa. Remember this is what would be sent on to a producer, so the synopsis is a vital part of the report. After the synopsis, you get a page of comments. Here is the quality feedback that tells you what is and isn’t working and this is similar type of feedback to those producers and executives get.

We also get our trainees to practice writing in these formats about produced scripts to sharpen their skills, and there are many examples of this on our website ( Here is an extract from a script report by trainee Eirini Papadaki based on a reading of the script THE 25TH HOUR.

Example certificate provided to successful trainees

Example certificate provided to successful trainees

The concept of the screenplay is very strong and so is its execution. The story is unique and original with great characters surrounding it. The dialogue is well constructed always adding to the context and essence of the story.

This is a character – driven screenplay with all the characters being complex, engaging and their dialogue lines are always sharp and emotional. The leading characters are well–developed and… the way that they interact with one another make them empathetic to the viewer even when instances of violence occur. Another important aspect of the development of the main characters is that they look authentic and familiar.

Relationships are a very important aspect of this story, possibly the most important one. Through their depiction and exploration we get to understand the motives of the main characters and why they behave as they are. The essence of this story is its characters and their relationships. Through several flashbacks we get most of the background stories of the relationships that affect and have affected Monty’s life. Through the depiction of these relationships we get to understand what kind of a man Monty is and why we should root for him.

Read the full example HERE and take a look at other examples including PULP FICTION, FROZEN, ALIEN, and DIE HARD.  (If you’re a highly literate graduate who would like to gain experience like this with us in a virtual internship that you can complete from home, apply here.)

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