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“The script adds important modern twists to a classic fairytale structure, with Anna being misled by the seemingly perfect Hans…. It is also unpredictable and refreshing that Anna is not brought back to life by true love’s kiss.…” Extracts from a script report by our trainee Daniela Piper-Vegh, based on a reading of the script FROZEN: CLICK HERE to read the script.


YOUNG PRINCESS ELSA and QUEEN ELSA (F/ approx. 21) Struggles to control her magical powers, and accidentally hurts her sister with them.

YOUNG ANNA and PRINCESS ANNA (F/ approx. 18) Elsa’s younger sister who helps bring her back to Arendelle, and saves her life.

HANS (M/ approx. 20s) Deceitful opportunist who tricks Anna and tries to steal the kingdom.

KRISTOFF (M/ approx. 20s) Falls in love with Anna, helping her with her mission.

LOGLINE: A young princess must learn to control her magical powers, which have damaged her relationship with her sister, and threatened to destroy her kingdom.


TITLE:         FROZEN                                   DRAFTDATE: 9/23/13

AUTHOR: Jennifer Lee    COVERAGE DATE: 3/3/16



Young sisters Elsa and Anna play happily together in their castle in the Kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa has magical powers, allowing her create and control ice with her hands. However, a young Elsa does not yet have complete control over her powers. As the sisters are playing, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the head with her magic, knocking her unconscious. Elsa’s parents burst into the room, angry at finding Anna, who is ice cold. The King takes his daughter to a Troll, who heals Anna and erases her memory of Elsa’s powers. The sisters grow apart, as Elsa is told to conceal her dangerous powers. It breaks Elsa’s heart that she must keep her distance from Elsa, especially after their parents die at sea.

An 18 year old Anna is delighted that the castle doors are finally opened on Elsa’s coronation day. Anna bumps meets a male admirer HANS, and they hastily agree to marry. Elsa refuses to give Anna and Hans her blessing. Anna angrily provokes Elsa, causing her to accidentally reveal her magic. Elsa runs away, and the evil DUKE of WESELTON convinces everyone that she has cursed the kingdom with snow in July. Anna goes to find Elsa, claiming she is not dangerous. Anna entrusts the kingdom to Hans, in her absence.

Anna meets KRISTOFF, asking him to take her to the North Mountain to find Elsa. They meet OLAF the snowman, who was created by Elsa. All three companions finally reach Elsa’s ice castle, but Elsa does not want to leave, as she is afraid of hurting anyone else. Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart, and she is forced to leave without Elsa. Kristoff takes Anna to the trolls, who notice that there is chemistry between them. The trolls also tell Anna that if the ice in her heart is not removed, it will freeze her forever. Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. Anna and Kristoff rush back to the castle, hoping that Hans can thaw her heart. A dying Anna asks Hans to kiss her, but he reveals that he never loved her, and only wanted control of the kingdom. Hans and the Duke plan to kill Elsa. Kristoff goes back for Anna, after realizing his love for her. Anna herself finally learns what love is, and sacrifices herself to save Elsa’s life. Anna turns to ice, and is shattered into tiny pieces by Hans’ sword. Suddenly, Anna begins to thaw, due to the true love that she has experienced. Hans and the Duke are overthrown, and Elsa and Anna regain control of the kingdom. Anna and Kristoff also reunite. The gates of Arendelle are left open, and Anna and Elsa enjoy the relationship they have always wanted.



The script focuses on the relationship between two sisters, who are pulled apart due to Elsa’s dangerous magical powers. The story has plenty of situational conflict, as well as emotional and inter-personal. There is a strong cast of supporting characters, such as Olaf, who offers comic relief throughout the script. Elsa’s magical powers are also a curse, as she struggles to control them, and repeatedly hurts her beloved sister by accident. The story sets clear goals, with Elsa needing to learn to control her powers, in order for her to have the close relationship with Anna that she has always wanted. The audience is able to empathize with the main characters, as Elsa is forced to hide her powers, and suffers ongoing emotional turmoil. It is rewarding for the audience to see Elsa develop, learning to embrace and control her power, rather than isolating herself from everyone she loves. The story has a happy ending, with Anna and Elsa reuniting, and overcoming the evil powers who tried to seize their kingdom. The script adds important modern twists to a classic fairytale structure, with Anna being misled by the seemingly perfect Hans. It is also a development from the conventional fairytale structure, that Anna rather than Elsa finds her perfect partner. Elsa’s story focuses more on self-improvement and familial love, rather than romantic love. It is also unpredictable and refreshing that Anna is not brought back to life by true love’s kiss.

The script has great, catchy musical numbers that hold great commercial promise. In particular, the ‘Let it Go’ song has the potential to be a distinctive and memorable catchphrase for the script. The musical numbers also help to move the story along, but in an especially exciting and uplifting way. The visual effects in the script, with the fantastical and creative use of magical snow, also increase the commercial potential. Although stunning, the visual effects would make the budget very high.

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