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With our 20th anniversary year just a month away, this is a busy, exciting time for us, and things are about to get even bigger… just look at the amount of things going on at WriteMovies and TSIM (TalentScout International Management) RIGHT NOW and find out what’s coming next!

The business itself…

  • The balance of ownership within the businesses are changing, but alongside our Director of World Wide Development Ian Kennedy, founder Alex Ross will remain a key stakeholder for us, and continues to promote the business and its pitching – see below!
  • The change of ownership is also a great opportunity to reshape our profile, activities and marketing – we’ve got big plans for 2019, our 20th anniversary! Watch this space to see how video and campaigning for great writing are going to be at the heart of our work…
  • Our French services are in new hands under auteur filmmaker Nicolas Bodereau, and are getting an official rebrand and relaunch in the coming days! Nicolas has already received some commissions for us to translate scripts from French to English – if you need the same (or English to French!) email!
  • Alex and Ian are developing plans to expand our Academy (a unique Virtual Film School) through partnership with an internationally recognized industry body…
  • With the Winter 2019 Contest hotting up, how all this will affect our future contests isn’t decided yet. So if you’ve got any requests or recommendations for how we manage our contests in the future, email them to! We’re open to fresh ideas and fresh structures, though of course we won’t be able to do what everybody wants at the same time!
  • TalentScout International Management will be getting a makeover, and stepping up as a creatives’ agency – one run by and for creative talent. We’re also getting extra advice and connections for our current slate from a former WriteMovies winner which is really helpful too.
  • We’re also sharpening up our website and emails with imminent new hosting and other improvements to make it even better for 2019.

Pitching our winners – and other great projects…!

  • After an unexpected opportunity came our way, we had a warm conversation with a leading LA talent agency in late November, leveraging our international connections to win their approval for potentially pitching one of their clients’ projects to major broadcasters in another country.
  • Our film THE LIST – produced by Alex in 2007 from a WriteMovies award-winning script – has come back into our hands after a decade with Warner Bros holding the distribution rights. Ian has been drumming up new bids for this fresh romantic comedy with Wayne Brady and Sydney Tamiia Poitier, and has been receiving formal expressions of interest. We may have good news for you soon!
  • Many of our past winners’ scripts and pitching plans are coming to fruition at the same time and we’re taking them far and wide at the moment through our exclusive arrangement with Talent Scout International Management. We’ve even hired a UK casting agent to advise us about pitching a script that we think will have a lot of appeal to top actors there. And we’re also considering introducing a ‘campaigning’ side to WriteMovies – fighting for great global stories every day. What do you think – would you get behind us and our projects if we fought every day for them and why they matter? Email!

Reasons to get involved NOW…

  • We’ve been getting a growing number of direct enquiries from leading production companies looking for scripts – especially horror and thriller scripts, and we know a major company interested in sci-fi right now too. Plus, Alex and double BAFTA-winning director Habib Zargarpour continue to welcome VFX-driven submissions that they can produce themselves. So if you’ve got scripts in these or any other genres, now is a great time to be getting them on our radar. You can use the ‘Quick Submission’ options in the right sidebar to submit from ANY page on the site – and click HERE to find out more about our current Winter 2019 Screenwriting Contest.

All these are just some of the many initiatives underway at the same time at WriteMovies and TSIM. Watch this space over the coming months as things take shape and step up!