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We welcome the resolution of the WGA strike, and we’re looking forward to exploring all the new terms of trade and sharing insights and news with you as we pitch our winners to industry again!

WriteMovies has successfully delivered contests, mentoring and pitching services for aspiring writers and producers since 1999. The global disruptions of recent years have created constant unanticipated challenges, especially the pandemic and the strike, but we’re still here and happy to be able to share exciting updates with you again. We’re continuing to enjoy our many discussions with industry insiders, and all the entries to our latest contests! We’re now into the Standard Entry phase of our contests, with screenplays now $59 and books and video games $69 to enter. Don’t forget you can enter any script, book or video game script, and receive:

1. An analysis of your crucial first ten pages from an industry perspective, telling you how well your writing stands out in the market and any areas in need of improvement

2. A free resubmission of your next draft to the same contest until it closes, for us to consider for representation and pitching to industry at our own expense

3. Entry to our Grand Prize contest, worth $3500, whichever contest you enter!

4. Guaranteed pitching to industry for every winner, and many other prizes…

We welcome your entries anytime and look forward to helping you fulfil your potential in the industry! Use the payment buttons now to enter – payment is available in multiple currencies and can accept credit and debit cards. Don’t forget that any of our Mentoring, Consulting and Script Consulting services also automatically provide free resubmission and automatic future contest entry too! We have services for every price point and welcome the chance to work with you on fulfilling your potential – enter now!  Don’t forget that any of our Mentoring, Consulting and Script Consulting services also provide all the prizes and opportunities of our contests too!

Romance and Comedy Award 2023!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award 2023!

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