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Thanks for all your entries to our 2023 contests.


The WriteMovies Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award is a thrilling journey into other realms, exploring the vast possibilities of the human imagination through your scripts. Amidst the captivating landscapes and intricate narratives, we have, after careful consideration, selected a deserving winner!

Sci-fi and fantasy genres often birth franchises, offering storytellers rich lore and expansive story worlds to delve into. This amplifies the excitement as we eagerly anticipate presenting all our winners to the industry.

Remember, even if you didn’t clinch the victory this time, your writing journey continues. Persevere and re-enter future contests, for persistence is a writer’s essential trait!

Seeking assistance? Explore our sci-fi and fantasy-themed writing insights articles, covering aspects like worldbuilding and dialogue. For personalized guidance, consider our Elite Mentoring service, connecting you with industry veterans.

Thanks for all your entries to our 2023 contests, which closed on November 26th. We’re enjoying judging your works, now with our next winner to announce: our 2023 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award Winner revealed: THE REVOLT OF THE WHALES by Michael Rhodes!

Congratulations to Michael for an inventive and visionary screenplay. We’re really looking forward to helping develop this further and pitching it to industry.


Congratulations once again to our


2023 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Award Winner!!

Michael Rhodes

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