For Black Friday this year, we’re slashing prices on our script reports, meaning you can get the expert feedback you need on your writing for less!

Our script reports are designed to give you the professional analysis and advice that writers need to take their script to the next level. Studio Coverage shows you how a studio and producer would assess your screenplay, while Development Notes give you an in-depth analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions on how to improve it further.

Plus, buying a script report gets you free entry to our  contests, meaning you’ll also be entered into the WriteMovies Horror Award or the upcoming WriteMovies 2022 Screenwriting Contest!

And for our Black Friday sale, you’ll be able to buy both of these services at a discounted price until December 2nd – save $10 on Studio Coverage and $20 on Development Notes!


Studio Coverage – $99 – now $89!

  • Constructive, professional, and honest feedback on the cinematic potential of your script by professionals.
  • A one-page synopsis on the key points of the story.
  • One page of comments from professional readers similar to those producers and executives get.
  • The option for recommended scripts to be pitched to agents and producers in Hollywood.
  • Click here to find out more: https://writemovies.com/script-mentoring/consulting-for-writers/studio/


Development Notes – $149 – now $129!

  • A comprehensive analysis of your script, focusing on topics such as concept, structure, characters, and commercial viability.
  • Constructive, professional, and honest feedback on the cinematic potential of your project.
  • Identifies key strengths and weaknesses in your script and provides creative suggestions on how to improve it.
  • We will submit recommended projects to top notch agents and producers here in Hollywood.
  • Click here to find out more: https://writemovies.com/script-mentoring/consulting-for-producers/development-notes/

This offer only lasts until December 2nd, so make the most of it and buy a script report from WriteMovies today!


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