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WriteMovies Summer 2017 Contest Best Teleplay or Pilot

As we’ve done with our book entries, creating the award for “Book with the Best Screen Potential”, we are doing the same for our television script entries to the Summer 2017 Contest.

The “Best Teleplay or Pilot” award will be given out to the best television script submission we receive. The winner of this award will receive free Development Notes to help make their teleplay or pilot break through. With on-demand bringing the best shows into our homes whenever we want them, the appetite for scripted TV shows is massive and so are the range of new ways to get them made – we want to give you the best chance possible. We will even pitch your script ourselves to the top of the industry if you finish in our top 3 for the main contest.

We support all writers, of all scripted formats, and we want them all to flourish. We’ve opened up these specific prizes for books and television script to reward these writers and their scripts, just as much as we would for a feature length screenplay.

You can win these new special “Best Teleplay or Pilot” or “Book with the Best Screen Potential” awards by entering the Summer 2017 Contest now.