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Book your place in the industry with our Summer writing contest, for a special prize!

Our Summer 2017 Writing Contest isn’t just the place for your feature scripts, shorts, and pilots.

We also accept entries from all of you novelists – and we’re creating a special category in our Summer writing contest, for the “Book with the Best Screen Potential”. The winner will get FREE Development Notes to help them adapt it to a screenplay or documentary, or to help them find a screenwriter who can. This could be a great breakthrough for you.

We love comparing our book entries to the screenplays to find new angles and stories that the world’s gonna be looking for. So we thought we’d dedicate our social media this week to books!

  • Enter a book of your own for a flat fee of $69!
  • We’ll assess your book based on its own merits and its screen potential.
  • We’ve had successful book writer in the past. Cornelia Kempf, a previous WriteMovies winner, has had many novels published thanks to us!
  • Don’t forget, that up to August 21st, we are offering a free copy of the Confidential Studio Manual, to be given away at random, for free! And we’ve got special discounts on ALL consultancy reports in August… CLICK HERE.

So, book your place in our Summer Writing Contest with your book, or novel, or novella. We love receiving book entries just as much as scripts and assess their screen potential exactly like we do the screenplays and teleplays we receive.