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It’s a busy one as many initiatives start to get off the ground at the same time! I’m live-blogging for this website and social media as I work, so the results will be a wide range of in-the-moment insights into working in the industry in script development and production, released as articles as we work! Stay tuned here and to our social media and latest website articles for updates about…

A view from Sunset Blvd in 2020

  • Choosing projects to recommend for clients we’re working with, such as established directors and producers
  • Survey results about what writers like you need in order to progress your careers
  • Adapting screenplays and productions to COVID-19 social distancing requirements
  • And everything else we mentioned last week! Much going on right now!

Also in the background this week…!

  • I’ve discussed options for joint online Zoom-style sessions this Fall with some of our partners. Some progress made already so hopefully we’ll have an announcement to make soon.
  • I met with an arts theater owner friend of mine on Monday to see how he and the business are holding up through the ever-changing world of lockdowns. Good news was, even with no shows possible in the short or medium term, they should be OK to make it through. For others though, it’s looking really tough to survive right now.
  • I caught up with my accountants, who were able to give me a wider update on how companies and the economy are looking right now. Useful to see how different types of business are coming through these testing times: what works in one sector, often does in another too.
  • I helped firm up two legal agreements between several of our collaborators to help them get done what they need to get done together, securely. Liabilities and risks can be high in our lines of work so the devil is definitely in the detail.
  • And of course, we kept up with the latest submissions to our contests and interactions with our winning writers and pitching dialogues with industry.

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