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To give a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at WriteMovies and TalentScout International Management, our Director of World Wide Development Ian Kennedy is sharing a week of his Hollywood/L.A. Diary with us at the start of March.

Expect news of meetings at major studios and with Elite producers, screenwriters and other adventures in Hollywood, plus a string of fresh images of iconic Hollywood locations.

In the meantime, we’ve brought together two of our Elite Mentors and a former WriteMovies winner living in Los Angeles to share their L.A. industry pitching tips. Here’s what they had to say… first, about staying there and getting around town.

Our experts:
ALEX ROSS, WriteMovies founder, film producer and former LA agent
BOBBY LEE DARBY, Screenwriter and WriteMovies Elite Mentor
KATHRYN NAWROCKI, Screenwriter and former WriteMovies Award Winner


hollywood signKATHRYN: “The funny thing is that often tourists from abroad come to LA and imagine that downtown is hub OR that Hollywood Blvd is it. They don’t know the “outsider’s INSIDE guide”… Sunset Strip has some amazing places and you will be RIGHT In the mix. You have to walk to Sunset Towers nearby which is phenomenal.”

ALEX: “I like the area near Sunset Plaza. Lots of great little outdoor restaurants: great for celebrity spotting. There is great hotel within walking distance:

If you are on a budget, the best hotels are near the airport: Hilton etc. Also, when there, you need to watch REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE with James Dean, then go to the Hollywood observatory. Eat at C&O Trattoria on Venice Beach and Barney’s Beanery.”

KATHRYN: “The Standard is actually a terrific choice. They have a lovely pool, casual bar. There is one of my favorite bars EVER within walking distance that is relaxed, unpretentious, with fantastic apps/drink specials when it opens at 6. The TROCADERO. No need to book. They have these amazing Happy Hours deals 6-8 on drinks and FANTASTIC apps from filet mignon tips to shrimp cocktail etc. I usually just order a ton of those and a drink or two but I do believe they have dinner.

Sunset Strip is fun. Make sure you go to CHATEAU MARMONT and even propose a meeting there if someone wants to come to you. This spot, along with THE MONDRIAN are amazing and just fun, iconic, central spots… PINCHES TACOS (not PINK Taco which is fun but not yummy food) for a meal. Authentic and fun and a walk away.

Also THE DEN is a very unpretentious pub/bar with apps too you could do for informal meetings. Jason Segel and Jon Hamm routinely hung out there. It is kinda a local gem. WALK Sunset Strip and enjoy. Greenblatt’s deli isn’t far and has genuine NYC Jewish deli food and vibe. A ridiculous silly but MUST see is SADDLE RANCH which you can walk to. Great food, mechanical bull, bottomless Bloody Marys with brunch And SUNSET TOWERS is iconic as well!”

l.a. industry pitching tips - trafficGETTING AROUND

ALEX: “Traffic [is a big problem]… So, the car hire is the cheapest part. The insurance can be more. Use a CC that covers insurance. The place has some of the highest petrol prices in the country.

If you are staying in central LA for a few days use Lyft or Uber. Drivers are really aggressive, if you use your indicator they will speed up at you to cut you off…

Parking is really expensive. Avoid valet parking… Hotels love to charge you $30+ for over night parking. Take a Lyft from the airport. And everyone wants a tip… the waiters in restaurants like to get about 20%. Natives usually double the tax. Whatever you see on the menu, add 30%.”

BOBBY: “The most meetings we ever had was 4 in a day, and that was a rough day – the logistics across LA get exhausting. Arrive really early. The studio lots are massive – Warner Bros is huge – it can take you half an hour to walk to your meeting even once you’re inside. If you’re meeting at a bar at say a hotel, make sure it’s the right one! There’s often another one at the pool level at the top of the building, and finding the right lift and the way there can make you late. So book a maximum of 4 meetings a day; Uber drivers may know the best routes, if you’re not driving yourself, but you should leave plenty of time to get between things.”


BOBBY: “The dress code for these meetings is very relaxed – jeans and any shirt.”

ALEX: “Also, LA is about sunglasses! Look into some fashion mags and get yourself the coolest you can afford. The rest is all about jeans (designer) you can literally get away with a T-shirt (as long as it is cool!)”

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