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Of the consultancy packages we offer, Elite Consultancies are your chance to get detailed and quality feedback from a top industry executive for just $299 until August 31st. This isn’t just available for writers – we also offer this to producers, too!

You have an idea, a treatment, a full script. You know it’s gonna be a great movie and you want it to get where it belongs: on the big screen! Now all you gotta do is pitch it to the right person. One chance that is all you need! And for this one chance you want to be prepared. You want your script to be perfect.

We have assembled the most experienced, well connected and competent producers and studio executives available on the net. Between them they have produced dozens of award winning movies, (including several Academy Award winners) and have closely worked with some of the best known writers and directors in the business. They will provide you with their years of experience to make sure your script is perfect! But that’s not all: Should your project appeal to them, they will help you getting it produced.


Here’s some feedback we’ve received from clients who have recently had Elite Consultancy with one of our experienced consultants, Tom Craig (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, RAINMAN): click here to find out more about him.

I wanted you to know I had a great talk with Tom Craig this evening.  We spoke for more than an hour. 

The important thing is he liked the script, so it wasn’t like he told me to scrap the work and start over doing something else.”

“He was very complimentary and he gave me two ideas that I am weaving into the plot…”

“He gave me some real insight into what it would take for this good script to be great.  He put me on the right track and I’m eager to apply what he said.”

“he confirmed my belief the country in which to find a sympathetic producer.”

Tom has also suggested “…producers that he would recommend contacting.”

Our other Elite Consultants have topnotch experience too, click to find out more!

If you’re interested in our Elite Consultancy, head over to our Elite Consultancy for Writer or Producers page here: and here – your breakthrough may be just around the corner…

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