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WONDER WOMAN 3, a remake of REVENGE OF THE NERDS, and some interesting spec scripts – looking at script sales from December 2020 can help us predict what the industry might look like after the pandemic. 

There’s been lots of upheaval around the world lately, and it’s difficult to say exactly how things are going to turn out. What’s easier to see, however, is the impact it’s having on people – and therefore the kind of entertainment they’ll want to consume!

Make sure you keep an eye on the latest script sales so you can see how trends are evolving and what both audiences and producers are looking for. Here’s our pick of the script sales from December 2020…

  • We predicted that horror would continue to do well through the pandemic when we opened our Horror Award last year, and horror and thrillers seem to have done particularly well in December 2020. Benicio Del Toro will star in and produce psychological thriller REPTILE, while there have been sales for teen horror REUNIOR, horror comedy JUJU, and Kevin Bachar’s THE INHABITANT.
  • WONDER WOMAN is set to get another sequel, with Patty Jenkins set to return as both writer and director. Her script for WONDER WOMAN 1984 – which recently received a simultaneous release in theatres and on HBO Max – was one of its weakest elements, however, so it’s hard to say how the next film in the series will turn out.
  • Another DC property will be getting a movie adaptation in the form of PLASTIC WOMAN, based on the comics character Plastic Man. It’s interesting to see adaptations of lesser known comics – Marvel has already managed to take a number of its more obscure heroes and make them major features of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (such as ANT-MAN and DOCTOR STRANGE).
  • We’re getting used to remakes by now, and the latest movie to get one is REVENGE OF THE NERDS. The original has come under scrutiny in recent years for its comedic depictions of misogyny and sexual assault; hopefully new writers Keith Lucas, Kenny Lucas, and Alex Rubens will cut those elements out.
  • Romance and comedy spec scripts also continue to do well, as they did when we reported on script sales from October: Lee Isaac Chung’s untitled romantic drama has been picked up by MGM and Plan B Entertainment, while Michelle Harper’s untitled pregnancy comedy has been picked up by TriStar and Jax Media from the 2020 Black List.

You can read the full list of December 2020 script sales at Script Pipeline HERE. Don’t forget that if you want to get your script out in the world, we offer pitching to industry for all our contest winners – our Winter 2021 Screenwriting Contest closes this Sunday – submit here!


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