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We’re delighted to be announcing the winners of two more awards from our Spring 2018 Contest: Best Long and Short Form Pilots! These are both demanding categories, requiring a writer to tell a condense their story down to a small number of pages. In addition, any pilot episode needs to both tell a complete story and be the first instalment of a larger, overarching plot – meaning that these scripts have to pull double duty to achieve their goals!

Both of our winners have achieved this difficult task in style, and last week also advanced to the Quarter-Finals! So, in the category of Best Long Form Pilot, the winner is:



Manny Jimenez Sr.


And in the category of Best Short Form Pilot, the winner is:

William Baber


Congratulations to Manny and William on their success! For winning in these two categories, they now both receive a set of Development Notes from WriteMovies: constructive, professional, and honest feedback on the cinematic potential of their projects, with creative suggestions on how to take them to the next level.

They both also receive a copy of our Confidential Studio Manual, an essential read for any writer who wants to get an insider’s perspective on what happens to a script trying to get attention in the international industry, plus exclusive previews of our Virtual Film School videos and resources, a place where you can take your screenwriting and production skills to the next level, and start your journey to the top – which will be publicly launched soon!

If you want to get the same feedback on your script as our winners for Best Long and Short Form Pilots, commission a set of Development Notes from us today! Find out why your script placed where it did in our competition, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and how to make it better than ever before!