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The Confidential Studio Manual



Get the Manual ebook for $19.95! Ever wondered how studios and agents decide which scripts to pursue and which writers to promote? Want to know why you got rejected instead of hearing the usual cliched development flunky turn downs? Want to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Want to increase your chances of a sale?

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It’s simple, go to THIS LINK, use the button and the e-book will be sent to you (at the email address your PayPal account is linked to!) within 4 working days.

About The Manual

Get the upper hand on the entertainment industry by knowing precisely how the people who read your scripts have been trained to evaluate them via our Confidential Studio Manual. Featuring the methods and formats of the Hollywood script-reading process, the Confidential Studio Manual is essential reading for any writer who wants to know what happens to a script once it’s sent off and anyone who’d like to have an insider’s perspective on film and television development. The manual explains the criteria used to decide which scripts get made from assessing the structure and genre to the dialogue and plot. Including examples of coverage written on genuine scripts, some failed and some successful, as well as a glossary of terms commonly used by studio readers, it enables screenplay writers to know exactly who their first audience is and how they can get their script noticed.

A Brief Look Inside
confidentialClick here for a snippet of the insight you’ll get. Remember, there’s much more to know and the only way to find out is to get your copy today! Purchase it as an ebook and save on shipping! Read more…

testimonialHow can you sell to Hollywood if you don’t know what they are looking for? This is a MUST READ for all writers at whatever stage of their careers.” – Peter Saphier, former Universal Pictures VP Read more…

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