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We’ve been conducting a joint survey of writers with an international theatre company to establish what support writers need in their Career Development right now, and to help us plan new products and services to meet those needs. Here’s a first sight of what we’ve learned…

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The survey has already run for a month, promoted by both ourselves and Transition Stage Company, and has received a wide and varied set of respondents. If you’d also like to add your voice to the survey and suggest your career needs, this is where to go, there’s even a cash prize for one lucky entrant!

The initial findings of the survey indicate that:

  • We had a wide range of writers interested in this – high proportions self-identifying as screenwriters and playwrights but also other types of writer were well represented. Few respondents were full-time writers – and nearly all recognize the need to upskill. A similar number weren’t confident about how to approach commissioners or producers.
  • There was around a 50:50 split between those who thought they were good at networking, and those who didn’t. Most respondents use social media to promote their writing careers but most feel they could improve their understanding of how to get the most of it.
  • There was strong support for the kind of initiatives we have been conceiving to help writers such as our respondents.

We’ll use the more detailed findings in order to build our new initiatives to meet their needs. We’ll share our news of this with you as it progresses! Please add your voice to the survey here to be eligible for the cash prize!

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